Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas... Is over

Why, hello! How are you all doing? I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I know I certainly did. This Christmas will go down in my memory as one of the very best, even if I was far away from home. The love and light of those around me made me feel the Christmas spirit anyway, and talking and SKYPING the night away with my family posed serenely in front of a beautiful fireplace made the Christmas spirit bright! Ahhhh... I wish I could go back and replay it over and over again. Oh well! I'll be home for Christmas... next year! This Christmas was special though, and we saw a lot of miracles all week. The biggest miracle of all being that I have turned into a Canadian, eh? Ask my parents. Apparently I emphasize words like mOOOOse and sOooory and little too strongly there. Oh boy. 

So let me tell you about my holiday cheer! On the eve of Christmas we spent our afternoon with our lovely eternigator Lucie. She is such a doll, as always. This woman is 85 but has the Christmas spirit of a wee child. She kept telling us she didn't have the Christmas spirit all afternoon, but it was hard to come to terms with that seeing as she was blasting Christmas records from the 30s and forcing horrendous fruit cake down our throats. Ha ha still, it was such a pleasant day, and I so enjoyed her company. It's hard for people her age to be alone on Christmas, so I was glad we could pass some time with her, even if I did eat ten pounds of $30 fruitcake. 

In the evening we went to our Relief Society President's house, and I was in HEAVEN! Ahhhh. It was just so magical. They invited a Belgian family that just moved into our ward, and there were sweet little darlings of all wee ages running around in Christmas raptures. It made me miss my little Lil to pieces, but I still had a sweet time. We *secretly* shhhh.... danced to creole Christmas music with their fabulous little daughters, which was the highlight of my mission. Surprise! I forgot how to dance. So embarrassing. I felt like a fourteen year old at her first Stake New Year's Eve dance. Uhhh... awkward. Can't shake my booty! Ha ha. Still, so fun! We did a live Nativity, with costumes to boot. I will definitely be sending pictures. I was one of the wise women... ugh... men. Whatever. It was totally groovy. Sister Guevara and  I agreed that it was by far one of the best Christmas Eves we've ever had.

Then came..... CHRISTMAS! Hallelujah! We were still required to study that morning.... so... after I studied how to make bacon and sausage and pancakes and orange juice and eggs... we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas! Seriously, a Christmas classic. I love that movie, but it makes me weep like a baby every single time. Sister Guevara and I were just sitting there sobbing all morning, thinking of our sweet Lucie who, like Mr. Krueger, was alone on Christmas. In the evening we went to the Worner household, aka the sweetest fam ever. We ate Brazilian food for Christmas and chatted the night away. I would have to say that talking to my family was the very best. MISS YOU GUYS AND LOVE YOU GUYYYYYYYZZZZ.. Aaaah! With all of my heart! The 26th was the darkest day of my life... haha. Trunky does not even begin to describe how I felt. 

The rest of the week we just frolicked about and did A LOT of service! It was a good week. We helped a family move, and I got a free sports bra out of it. And some couscous. YES! However, now I'm covered in cat hair and feeling rather sick. Still, serving is FUN! Ha ha.

Before I forget.... BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my one and only BIG BROTHER!!!!!! Aaaaah! 24! 24! I cannot BELIEB it! I love you, booo! I hope you have the most amazing, rocking birthday/New Year's Day EVER! You are simply the best brother in the entire world. No brother even compares. Sorry to all of you out there who have brothers. Mine is BY FAR the best! I hope all of your birthday dreams come true. Go get yourself a birthday/New Year's kiss and a birthday wife! Actually, no wife. Blagues. Je t'aime, bichey! See you soon, you old hooligan!

That's about all I have for you! I have some Christmas miracles to share, but they'll have to wait till next week. We're going to try to go to Old Quebec with les elders today so I don't have too much time to write. Transfer calls are this week! Chances are I will be leaving beautiful Quebec City... pray for me as I proceed to bawl my eyes out for the next few days. I hope you all had a FAB NOEL! I miss and love you all TERRIBLY! GROS BISOU! HUGS! 


Soeur Cutler

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