Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thriving in the CMM

JOYEUX PRINTEMPS! I hope the weather back home was as glorious this week as it was here. My spirit is soaring! I'm waiting for the snow to come back and wake me up from this dream. This week the unthinkable happened--I left my coat at home! And I soaked up some delicious Vitamin D! Such a perfect weekend. The warm weather also prompted me to shave my legs for the first time since the MTC, so that was good...I guess. DON'T JUDGE ME. My companion is European! I couldn't help it. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the delights of the season. Go on a nature walk in my honor! And then send me the pictures. I miss my beloved Utah spring. I hope you are all making the most of it!

So this week was INSANE! (Ha, what else is new?) Missions are the greatest. Last Monday I had my first and LAST zone activity. P-Days in the CMM will now be segregated, meaning the elders can no longer have activities with the sisters, MEANING I will no longer get to flirt with said elders, MEANING I will have a very difficult time finding my future spouse out here, MEANING there is absolutely no reason for me to be on a mission at this point. Ha, but seriously, I'm quite torn up about the whole thing. I guess elder crushes have been running rampant ever since a little slice named Sister Cutler arrived at the CMM. So... I take full responsibility for the whole thing. But I can't help it that I'm popular... Ha ha okay, okay. I'm kidding. My vanity meter is through the roof right now! In all seriousness though, I find the whole segregated P-Day thing appalling on so many levels, but I'll spare you the Sylvia rant. My sweet companion is still recovering from my tirade, poor thing. Nevertheless, we are both SO FRUSTRATED and I fully intend to create as many elder crushes as possible from now on. I don't need Big Booty or activities to make the elders love me. I mean, I'm Sylvia Cutler, DANGIT! Can't stop this. Anyway, our last zone activity was a riot! Probably too much of a riot. We went to the Biodome, which was heavenly and OH SO MUCH fun with OH SO MANY opportunities to flirt with les elders. LOL. It was fun to spend time with the elders from my zone outside of the kitchen, and I think I am finally forgiven for the Hawaiian Haystacks incident. The Biodome is super cool! Fish, penguins, gators, porcupines, parrots. Elders. Fish. Nature inside its unnatural habitat. Je l'aime! It was a glorious day, until disaster struck. I was bragging to my dear friend Elder Mortenson that Sister Foniciello and I had never gotten separated on the metro, making fun of him for losing his greenie on the metro earlier that day. He says, "Just for that, I bet you anything you and your companion will lose each other on the metro tonight." HA. Fat chance. Fast forward two hours later, we're getting on the metro with huge bags of groceries, when suddenly I realize that my arm, my companion, and my groceries are behind the metro doors, but my body is not. The door shuts on my hand. SO PAINFUL. I manage to throw my bags at Sister Foniciello, pull my hand out just in time and watch helplessly as my horrified green and the metro disappear into the tunnel.

My life flashes before my eyes. There I am, for the first time in three months, completely and utterly alone. In the metros. Sans companion. No cell phone. No clue what the heck I'm doing. The very first thin I think of? "LOOOOLLLLLZ! I can't wait to tell Elder Mortenson that he was right!" Aaah so funny. Until I realized that I had no idea what our game plan was if we were to get separated. ...So, long story short, God answers prayers. But what a trip! Never, ever again. I'm going to be much more responsible from now on. Let's just say though that it was the darkest twenty minutes of my life.

In other news, I also got to go to the beautiful land of Terrebonne on exchanges with my mommy, Sister Cantu. SO FUN! I finally got to see what this province actually looks like. In other words, GORGEOUS! I WILL serve in that area one day. Preferably in the fall when all of the forests surrounding the Ile Mille river change color. Canada is beautiful! Exchanges with my cute trainer were so great. The FIRST and only door we knock, guess what I get for her. An investidater! Haitian too. And super sexy. Ha ha for some reason Sister Cantu and I can only get investidaters when we're together. BAD MATCH, I tell you. I guess it was for the best that we were separated. ;) But he was a cool guy! He asked if we were allowed to get married, and I was like, "HECKS YEAH I'm getting married when I'm out of this place!" And he just sat there gazing at me intently, sly smile on his face, wheels obviously turning in his head. So good news! I found myself a husband! Who needs elder crushes when you can marry your investigators? All is well in the CMM.

Sad/glad/bittersweet news... I'm having another baby! Sister Foniciello is heading up to Quebec City to work on her Spanish and I will be training a cute new greenie! Maybe I'll get it right this time. ;) I'm horribly sad that I won't be with Sister Foniciello anymore, but I'm glad I have another chance to train. Gosh, I'm popping out babies left and right out here! But I love training sooo much! Hopefully it will go well this transfer. I'll keep y'all updated!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week! Things are going great out here. I'm sure everyone is more relaxed and happy and more than able to send me letters now that finals are over, eh? 

SHOUT OUT to Shannon who will be leaving for her mission this week! Bon courage! Missions are incredible. You will be amazing! Also, BIGGEST SHOUT OUT OF ALL TIME to my main squeeze Robin Uata! No one told me that my boiii got his mission call?! I am weeping over here! But no, I kid you not. I really am! Sooo much happiness! Phillipinos are THE BEST PEOPLE in the entire world. The very, very best. If I could pick any place to serve other than here, it would be the Phillipines. ROBIN! You are going to be amazing and bless so many lives! I am soooo proud and so happy! This really is the perfect mission for you. I know it with all of my heart! Going on a mission will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. Besides being friends with me, of course. But a very close second! When does Robin leave? Someone tell me! Why am I so out of the loop out here?

Sending sun rays and happiness everyone's way! I love you all and miss you even more! Peace and blessings!


Sister Cutler

Monday, April 22, 2013

Girl without a Country

What is this? It's P-Day already?! My goodness, time flies when you're having fun! I hope you are all doing amazing. First of all, I would just like to say... HAPPY SPRING! In Montreal, anyway. The earth is FINALLY beginning to awake, and my inner nature goddess is bursting forth! Such an incredible feeling! The grass is green and the city is spotted with lovely, tiny, purple flowers. I'M SO PUMPED! Hopefully the nightmarish winter months are coming to an end. Bring on the humidity and sweaty French-Canadian metro-dwellers! Je l'aime!

This week was CRAY CRAY (crazy). Sooo much drama in the district! Ha okay, not really, but I've been doing a pretty good job of offending les elders everywhere I go. So last P-Day our district was gathering at the church to play Big Booty. ...Guess who was the biggest (and sexiest) booty. Ha ha that's not really related to the story, but I just wanted to remind you all of how unbelievably curvaceous I am. ANYWAY. Sister Funny Cello and I were walking up to l'église when suddenly we see an elder on the side of the road SANS COMPANION. And well, you know me. I'm a busy body. So I smirk at him and I'm like, "Elder, WHERE is your companion?" And he barks back at me, "I'm sorry, I'm just so FRUSTRATED right now!!!" and then storms off. Being the insensitive jerk that I am, I yell back, "Psh. Where'd you hide the body?" As I'm laughing to myself about how funny I am, and this elder is running off in tears, Sister Foniciello just looks at me IN HORROR. Turns out he was legitimately in distress. My bad! The sun was in his face! I couldn't tell, I swear. Now everyone in the district thinks I'm just a cruel, cruel, snarky sista. No bueno. BUT! I'm learnding. 

I was punished for my insensitivity a few days later with a gnarly cold, so justice was served. Lucky for me I have the sweetest roommates on the planet, so Sister Murdoch nursed me back to health with fresh-baked cookies and doTerra oils. She is such a gem! I am so blessed, and am now on the mend.

My investigators are doing well! We braved going to see the prophetess again, and this time she wasn't hopped up on goofballs, so our lesson actually went well. I have a feeling she's going to become an eternal investigator, but we'll see how that goes. We're also teaching THE SWEETEST nine-year-old boy from the ward right now. His little sister reminds me so much of sweet little Lily when she was a wee babe. She's excited that we're reading "The Book of Muffin" with her big brother. So precious. Honestly, I have never met a sweeter family in all of my life. Gaaaah! The cute families in this city are making me baby hungry! It's a good thing I am HERE and not home at the BYU marriage market. For now I'm going to have to settle with being a mission mommy, but still... BABIES!

Okay, so the highlight of the week was our ward's multicultural event that the ZL's, AP's, and Sister Foniciello and I put together. Dang, they know how to PARTAY out here in Montreal! Our ward is comprised of virtually every nationality on the planet, so we seriously had diversity EXPLODE all over the cultural hall. SO FUN! We ate exorbitant amounts of food from around the world, and the Phillipinas, Colombians, and Hondurans all performed native dances. Sooo culturally enlightening! I'm in love. It took us the whole afternoon to decorate, but it was definitely worth it. My super fly ward mission leader tried to sneak me some apostate music (non-missionary approved music) while we were decorating. He turned on "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down, and so much of my childhood flooded back to me. I was like, "Aaaaah, this is my JAM!" and I was boppin around the cultural hall with my exacto knife having the greatest time; then the zone leaders saw that I was quickly turning pagan, so they made us listen to EFY music and the "Brand New Year" soundtrack. Which, to be honest, is the MOST irreverent thing I have ever encountered. So the set up was torture, but the PARTAY was a success! My ward is A-MAZING. The kids (and Sister Cutler *secretly*) danced to Gangnam style. The APs caught me...whoops. NOT ALLOWED. Still, it made me miss my peeps and prancing around the house like a Korean with Daniel and Lil. Everyone had a great time and we got to know the ward even better. It was one of the most perfect days on my mission. I am so lucky to be here! It's like I'm serving in twenty different countries. Seriously, I'm loving every minute in this crazy town.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! SHOUT OUT to Shannon Whiteley on her mission farewell yesterday! I heard you looked gorgeous and gave an incredible talk! (Don't ask me who I heard that from...;) ) You will be sensational! I'm so happy for you. The MTC is a joke. Hang in there... Poland will be fab! So proud! Missions are the best thing you could possibly do, trust me. :) Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you to my main squeeze Robin for FINALLY sending me a letter! Took you long enough. I have yet to hear news on your mission call. Anyway, please know that you are all loved and missed more than I can possibly describe. BIG LOVES and HUGS!


Sister Cutler

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hawaiian Hayslackers

Family... isn't it about... time? Ha! My goodness! How the heck are you all? I hope everyone has enjoyed their week! For those of you experiencing the nightmare called "finals" right now, just know that you are getting the best missionary prayers a sister has to offer. So don't be surprised when you get all of those A's! Still study though! And rub Buddha's belly for good luck. ( That's the recipe for my finals success.) Bonne chance! 

This week was a whirlwind! Lots of miracles, lots of tender moments. Lots of getting hit on in the metro. (My favorite-- thug master T yelling "Ehhhhhh, sexy LADAY!" at me from across the station. Mmm. Heaven.) So I'd say it was a pretty successful week! This week we had zone study, which for Sister Cutler means.. ELDER HEAVEN!!! Ha ha. Blagues. Elders are huge babies. On Monday night Sister Foniciello and I get a text from an unknown number demanding that we need to prepare chicken breasts for twenty people because some elder has the idea that he wants to eat Hawaiian haystacks at zone study. Do you see where this is going? After poor Sister Foniciello (bless her heart) endured a solid hour of a Sylvia rant (which I'm sure my friends and family have missed terribly since my departure) I accepted the fact that I would be buying and making chicken for 18 whiny elders. For TWO HOURS we slave into the night making chicken, because as you know, having estrogen gives you this miraculous ability to cook! Don't ask an elder to cook anything! Heavens, no. It's not like 16 months of independence as a missionary has made them capable of throwing chicken into a pan and making it edible. This is, in fact, the reason sisters come on missions, in case you didn't know. 

So the next afternoon at zone study we gather for lunch. All I know is that I contributed copious amounts of chicken, and so I assumed my part was done. OH NO. There I find myself with a group of twenty-year-old boys looking at me helplessly. Their expressions practically SCREAMED, "Get thee to the kitchen, woman! Me want HAYSTACKS!" Finally some brave soul has the courage to turn to me and say, "Uh... Sister Cutler... umm... like... do you know how to make Hawaiian haystacks?" It took everything within my power not to yell "GIVE ME THE CUSSING CANS OF CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP, ya ding-dongs!" Ha ha patience is a virtue, and I have it. So guess who made the Hawaiian haystacks? The elders did, of course, under my orders. I made them open cans (poor babies) and dump it into pots and mix the chicken in. Rocket science, I tell you! I was asked questions like, "Uhh... Sister Cutler... should we like... um.. strain the pineapple juice out of the cans?" ... "Yes, sweetheart. Yes, my darling, darling boys." It was pathetic. I feel like this learned helplessness is only going to get worse as more sisters enter the mission field. DON'T BUY IT! Make the elders open cans. Make them cook chicken. Make them mix salad into a bowl. DO NOT BAKE THEM COOKIES. My goodness, they need to learn. Ha ha I'm being harsh, but it was a ridiculous experience. I really do love the elders in my zone. At first they were terrified of me, and then they found out that I'm 20 and I'm from the new wave of sisters their age. You should have seen how fast the dynamics changed! I guess elders aren't into the whole cougar thing? But as soon as they found out that I wasn't an old maid, ELER LOVE was poured forth from the heavens. Ha ha I can't wait for all of the drama that is about to ensue when all of the sisters get here. Lock your hearts!

Other than the Hawaiian haystack mayhem, this week had some exceptional moments. This year our ward had the once in a lifetime opportunity to host the Jewish and Christian commemoration of the Shoah. It was incredible to be able to come together with the Jewish community of Montreal and remember the victims of the Holocaust. A female Rabi (I was in heaven) gave a stirring address about tolerance, overcoming fear through love, and always remembering so that history does not repeat itself. I was so moved. It was touching to be a part of a concrete example of communities joining together out of love and respect, showing solidarity and a willingness to overcome prejudice. A woman sang several Jewish songs written by brave women during the time of the Holocaust. I was able to have the experience of listening as they prayed together, remembering and mourning for the lives and dreams that had been lost. I am SO glad I was able to have this experience on my mission. I truly love Montreal. There is so much diversity and tolerance for other people's backgrounds, religions, and personal beliefs. This mission really is so perfect for me. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to witness and take part in this community's event. Anyway, just thought I'd share that little experience with y'all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you for all of the lovely pictures of the cheerful spring you are having! My heart is aching. We had a big snow storm this week, but today is lovely and I plan on enjoying it with my awesome companion and my almost as awesome district. Also, SHOUT OUT to Jane Bryner and Kristin Matthews for well-timed letters this week. The love and validation was definitely needed. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! Take care! I love you all and miss you soooo much!


Sis Cutler

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Christmas in April

Brothers and sisters, aloooooha! For those of you who don't know me, "Hello." For those of you who do know me... "Hi!" ... Sorry, I was feeling deprived of sacrament meeting greetings this weekend. Thought I'd throw a couple in there for my own amusement. Most likely my amusement and no one else's, so feel free to roll your eyes and move on. But on a less awkward note, how is everyone doing?! I'd love to actually KNOW how some of you are doing. Okay. I really don't want to do this, but I've been out for two months now so I'd just like to remind my clan/vampire coven/what have you back home that I'm a missionary and I REALLY love to receive letters and news from the outside world. DROP ME A LINE, DANG IT! It's not like I went to outer space or something! The North Pole is a close second, but if you can send mail to Santa, you can certainly send mail to me. SHOUT OUT to those who have been as faithful to me as Edward is to Bella. You know who you are. The rest of you... just let that feeling of guilt seep over you... Mmhhmm. Ha ha! I tease! I tease! But not really. I'll be back sooner than you think, and I'm not afraid to unleash my wrath. You've been warned. 

Alright, so an even bigger shout out to my cousin Lauren!!! I heard through the grapevine that you've been called to serve in Panama City! Whooo hooo! That was my guess, but no one asked me... I'm so happy for my little cuddle bear! You will be the best missionary, and the people will love your kind spirit and vibrant energy. I could not be happier today! I've prayed for this moment for a long time! Best of luck, baby cakes! Since Lauren doesn't write me, someone please tell me when she is leaving. Thanks! ;)

So! Happy Conference, Harry! Happy Conference, Ron. Wow, I never knew why missionaries were always geeking about G-con until now. What the Christmas in April?! I was in heaven! And a Christmas miracle happened! One of my fave investidaters actually attended conference! Not like you care, but for weeks I've been trying to prove to everyone that he's interested in the gospel and not just me. It was such a glorious moment when he walked into the chapel. No one thought he could do it, but I never gave up on him. From the moment Sister Cantu and I knocked on his door that snowy, quiet evening in March, I couldn't help but envision the day when they would make his "I'm a Mormon" video, with me, his wife... I mean... his wife, whoever she may be one day, sitting by his side and weeping in a Relief Society manner about how grateful she was that she... I mean, the cute sister missionaries... knocked on his door. Such a miracle! Flirt to convert WORKS, I tell you.

Basically the highlight of this week was conference if you can't tell. It's fun to get together with the whole ward to watch it. The Phillipinos fed the missionaries a feast and it was just one big party! I wish that was something we were inclined to do in Utah, but maybe when I'm not a missionary anymore I'll remember how wonderful it is to watch conference in pajamas and... go to the sand dunes? ... while... listening... to G-con on the drive... ha ha. Aaah! I miss my family! I tried to keep certain conference traditions alive this year, but les elders weren't game to go along with the hot sauce drinking game. Daniel and my cousies Laurs Bars and Jare Bear will remember last year when we had to take a shot of Tobasco every time they said a word like "scriptures" or "virtue." Ahhh Mormon drinking games. Love it! The elders thought I was crazy when I proposed said idea, however. Granted, they already think I'm crazy, and apostate, and a temptress and so forth, so I wasn't surprised when they said NO. Still, it made me miss my family. I guess it was good to pay attention to conference for once, but I do miss the occasional conference cat naps and family togetherness. 

In other news, Sister Foniciello and I also crashed the Priesthood Pizza Party that the ward had for the men before Priesthood session. (I haven't lost all of my Sylvianess, still felt entitled to go.) I mostly just did it because well, A, I wanted pizza, B because I REVELLED in the awkward, contentious vibes the zone leaders kept sending my way, and C because I loved watching everyone's reaction when I said we were staying for Priesthood. I actually really was trying to stay because I REALLY wanted to hear them talk about missionary work because I KNEW they would and they DID, but I was informed that I would have to wait to read about it in the Ensign next month. Grrr. As you can guess, Sister Cutler didn't take that too well. So I just chanted "SERENITY NOW!" a couple of times and went on my way. Still I was very jealous. But hey, at least I got free pizza.

Other than conference, the best part of my week was tracting into a real life cat lady. It was SO horrific. There was a soft dusting of cat hair over every square inch of her apartment. When I sat down on her couch, I had cats climbing ALL OVER MY BODY. Ohhh boy. What a trip! Did I mention I'm allergic to cats? True story. Still, my aspirations to become a cat lady after the mission have not changed. Who needs to get married when you can own twenty cats? I was truly inspired by the love I felt being literally suffocated by cats, as well as the warm, fuzzy feeling I got when I inhaled soft tufts of silken fur. So precious. 

I hope everyone had an amazing week! And if you watched conference, I'm sure you have a sense of how amazing my week was. I heard that I was on TV?! Psh! My shining moment and I didn't even get to witness it. My mission president told me about it, and I felt so cool. I don't remember my companion being filmed by anyone though... but I heard there was a foxy picture of me, so I'm thrilled. Maybe it will motivate more boys to go on missions in hopes that they get called to the CMM? ;) Anyway, I miss you and love you all! I hope everyone's week is as bright as a blinding pastel sea of Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers. Take care! BISES!



Monday, April 1, 2013

Poission D'Avril, Fools


Hello from sunny, smiling Montreal! Ha. April Fools. It's never sunny here and no one ever smiles. Still! I assure you I attempt to melt their chilly dispositions every single day. So how is my posse doing? I hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover and I hope you all enjoyed your peep/Cadbury egg sugar comas. Goodness, Easter weekend made me TRUNKY! All I wanted to do was go on Easter egg hunts and dye Easter eggs and wear a pretty Easter dress to church. I still got to be a diva this week and perform at an Easter Cantata with our fabulous missionary choir though (which I carried by the way, no surprise there). So Easter was just as great as ever! Nevertheless, eat a marshmallow peep or two and pick tulips in my honor, eh?

This week was INSANE! My greenie and I are on fire. She is seriously so great! We're having waaaay too much fun out here. Sometimes we slip up and sing songs from Les Miserables as we walk from place to place, but hey, it happens to the best of us. It's really important to enjoy simple pleasures on the mission, so I find that belting a few lines of "On My Own" isn't hurting anyone. Plus, I've gotten us lost more times than I care to admit, so sometimes it's good to sing for comfort. ESPECIALLY this week when I realized we were on a street at 8:30 at night that the elders asked us specifically not to go on after dark... Whoops. To make matters worse, my companion and I started telling each other scary stories about all of the times we've been followed home or creeped by lurkers. Yeah, worst idea EVER. But as you can see, I'm still alive this week, so all is well!

Alright, let's get to the good stuff. Story of the week! (Nay, story of my LIFE!) I've seriously been through the looney bin and back, I tell you. So here it goes. A couple weeks back the elders referred Sister Cantu and me to a potential investigator. When we visited her she was very sweet, very normal. That's why when I set up an appointment with her for a lesson this week for my cute little greenie, I thought it would be a good experience. Ohhhhh, how I was wrong. So very, very wrong. The woman says she can only meet us at 9 in the morning, so we head out to visit her apartment at the crack of dawn. My brain doesn't usually start functioning until noon, so I knew we were in for a trip. First, she gave us the wrong address. For ONE HOUR my companion and I are wandering the streets of Montreal. I take us clear out to the train tracks, and it wasn't until then that I thought, "Huh... maybe she gave us the wrong address. This doesn't look very familiar." Luckily it was a beautiful, sunny spring morning, so it wasn't entirely wasted on us. STILL. I desperately wanted to find this woman and not look like a completely disoriented fool. To make a long story short, I finally manage to find her apartment. We get to the door. Surprise! She's not there. I nearly lost it, but I needed to be strong for my precious greenie. As we're heading home feeling all dejected, we run into this lady that looks... familiar? I'm getting suspicious. We wish her a happy Easter, then move along. Suddenly she says, "WAIT! Y'all Mormons?" And we're like,  "...Yes..." MIRACLE! It turns out it was her! So she takes us back to her apartment. This is where the real trouble began. She starts telling us she had been partying all night, and from the smell of it and from the bloodshot eyes, I definitely believed her. At first it's going well though. She says she feels bad and wants to get back on the right path but she can't forgive herself. My companion and I, fresh from the MTC, are like, "Plan of Salvation!" and we're getting really excited to teach her. So we start with a prayer. After the prayer I ask, "What can we do to help you become closer to God?" This is where things turn interesting. She immediately breaks down sobbing. She leaves the room and for five minutes we hear her sobbing and muttering prayers in the other room. We just sit there like, "Uhhh... what do we do? I don't remember going over this in the MTC!" She comes back in and then keeps hugging us and saying, "Thank you, thank you." I'm thinking we're about to have the greatest missionary experience ever. Aaaaand then things get freaky. She sits us down and informs us that she is a prophetess, and that thanks to us God has again restored her powers. We're trying to be polite, but in my mind I'm thinking, "We're going to die, we're going to die!" Get this. She then proceeds to grab my hand. As you can imagine, I'm freaking out. She asks if she can read me. I'm like... "Uh-huh..., okay." She looks deep into my eyes and tells me that I'm also a prophetess,  that I'm going to go places. "Aaaah, child, not on planes, trains or automobiles. Oh no. You gonna be carried on the wings of angels! God is gonna give his little princess everything!" She said a lot of other nice things, maybe I won't go into detail. I don't want to sound apostate, but wow this woman was...perceptive. She has a gift is all I'm going to say. She then moves on to my companion. "Girl, you gonna flip and flip and flip and flip people over! You're an acrobat!" And then she sits back and starts cackling. And we just sit there like... what is going on? This woman is on crack. We politely thank her and try to move on with our lesson. She bolts up, leaves the house, and comes back two minutes later as we're trying to escape. She brings out these big speakers, plugs in her iPod and starts singing Christian rock to us for another ten minutes. Ha ha I just sat there smiling. God has a sense of humor. Anyway, don't ask us how, but we finally escaped. I'll let you know how it goes with her. She's a delight!

Other than that craziness, I think we're staying safe! We were nearly poisoned by cake that a less active baked a year ago, but I promise you I'm trying my best to stay out of danger. Missions are a TRIP! I LOVE IT! I am so happy I chose to serve a mission. Montreal is a riot. I hope everyone is doing well! SHOUT OUT to Aunt Shannon for baking us delicious cookies! They were still fresh! It was amazing. My roommates are all demanding the recipe. We are getting fat, fat, FAT! I've decided to embrace it. Thank you to everyone for all of the love and support! I am incredibly blessed. I hope everyone has a fabulous, dazzling week! Wear your brightest, hippest eye shadow in my honor! Peace and blessings!


Sis Cutler