Monday, April 22, 2013

Girl without a Country

What is this? It's P-Day already?! My goodness, time flies when you're having fun! I hope you are all doing amazing. First of all, I would just like to say... HAPPY SPRING! In Montreal, anyway. The earth is FINALLY beginning to awake, and my inner nature goddess is bursting forth! Such an incredible feeling! The grass is green and the city is spotted with lovely, tiny, purple flowers. I'M SO PUMPED! Hopefully the nightmarish winter months are coming to an end. Bring on the humidity and sweaty French-Canadian metro-dwellers! Je l'aime!

This week was CRAY CRAY (crazy). Sooo much drama in the district! Ha okay, not really, but I've been doing a pretty good job of offending les elders everywhere I go. So last P-Day our district was gathering at the church to play Big Booty. ...Guess who was the biggest (and sexiest) booty. Ha ha that's not really related to the story, but I just wanted to remind you all of how unbelievably curvaceous I am. ANYWAY. Sister Funny Cello and I were walking up to l'église when suddenly we see an elder on the side of the road SANS COMPANION. And well, you know me. I'm a busy body. So I smirk at him and I'm like, "Elder, WHERE is your companion?" And he barks back at me, "I'm sorry, I'm just so FRUSTRATED right now!!!" and then storms off. Being the insensitive jerk that I am, I yell back, "Psh. Where'd you hide the body?" As I'm laughing to myself about how funny I am, and this elder is running off in tears, Sister Foniciello just looks at me IN HORROR. Turns out he was legitimately in distress. My bad! The sun was in his face! I couldn't tell, I swear. Now everyone in the district thinks I'm just a cruel, cruel, snarky sista. No bueno. BUT! I'm learnding. 

I was punished for my insensitivity a few days later with a gnarly cold, so justice was served. Lucky for me I have the sweetest roommates on the planet, so Sister Murdoch nursed me back to health with fresh-baked cookies and doTerra oils. She is such a gem! I am so blessed, and am now on the mend.

My investigators are doing well! We braved going to see the prophetess again, and this time she wasn't hopped up on goofballs, so our lesson actually went well. I have a feeling she's going to become an eternal investigator, but we'll see how that goes. We're also teaching THE SWEETEST nine-year-old boy from the ward right now. His little sister reminds me so much of sweet little Lily when she was a wee babe. She's excited that we're reading "The Book of Muffin" with her big brother. So precious. Honestly, I have never met a sweeter family in all of my life. Gaaaah! The cute families in this city are making me baby hungry! It's a good thing I am HERE and not home at the BYU marriage market. For now I'm going to have to settle with being a mission mommy, but still... BABIES!

Okay, so the highlight of the week was our ward's multicultural event that the ZL's, AP's, and Sister Foniciello and I put together. Dang, they know how to PARTAY out here in Montreal! Our ward is comprised of virtually every nationality on the planet, so we seriously had diversity EXPLODE all over the cultural hall. SO FUN! We ate exorbitant amounts of food from around the world, and the Phillipinas, Colombians, and Hondurans all performed native dances. Sooo culturally enlightening! I'm in love. It took us the whole afternoon to decorate, but it was definitely worth it. My super fly ward mission leader tried to sneak me some apostate music (non-missionary approved music) while we were decorating. He turned on "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down, and so much of my childhood flooded back to me. I was like, "Aaaaah, this is my JAM!" and I was boppin around the cultural hall with my exacto knife having the greatest time; then the zone leaders saw that I was quickly turning pagan, so they made us listen to EFY music and the "Brand New Year" soundtrack. Which, to be honest, is the MOST irreverent thing I have ever encountered. So the set up was torture, but the PARTAY was a success! My ward is A-MAZING. The kids (and Sister Cutler *secretly*) danced to Gangnam style. The APs caught me...whoops. NOT ALLOWED. Still, it made me miss my peeps and prancing around the house like a Korean with Daniel and Lil. Everyone had a great time and we got to know the ward even better. It was one of the most perfect days on my mission. I am so lucky to be here! It's like I'm serving in twenty different countries. Seriously, I'm loving every minute in this crazy town.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! SHOUT OUT to Shannon Whiteley on her mission farewell yesterday! I heard you looked gorgeous and gave an incredible talk! (Don't ask me who I heard that from...;) ) You will be sensational! I'm so happy for you. The MTC is a joke. Hang in there... Poland will be fab! So proud! Missions are the best thing you could possibly do, trust me. :) Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you to my main squeeze Robin for FINALLY sending me a letter! Took you long enough. I have yet to hear news on your mission call. Anyway, please know that you are all loved and missed more than I can possibly describe. BIG LOVES and HUGS!


Sister Cutler

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