Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Christmas in April

Brothers and sisters, aloooooha! For those of you who don't know me, "Hello." For those of you who do know me... "Hi!" ... Sorry, I was feeling deprived of sacrament meeting greetings this weekend. Thought I'd throw a couple in there for my own amusement. Most likely my amusement and no one else's, so feel free to roll your eyes and move on. But on a less awkward note, how is everyone doing?! I'd love to actually KNOW how some of you are doing. Okay. I really don't want to do this, but I've been out for two months now so I'd just like to remind my clan/vampire coven/what have you back home that I'm a missionary and I REALLY love to receive letters and news from the outside world. DROP ME A LINE, DANG IT! It's not like I went to outer space or something! The North Pole is a close second, but if you can send mail to Santa, you can certainly send mail to me. SHOUT OUT to those who have been as faithful to me as Edward is to Bella. You know who you are. The rest of you... just let that feeling of guilt seep over you... Mmhhmm. Ha ha! I tease! I tease! But not really. I'll be back sooner than you think, and I'm not afraid to unleash my wrath. You've been warned. 

Alright, so an even bigger shout out to my cousin Lauren!!! I heard through the grapevine that you've been called to serve in Panama City! Whooo hooo! That was my guess, but no one asked me... I'm so happy for my little cuddle bear! You will be the best missionary, and the people will love your kind spirit and vibrant energy. I could not be happier today! I've prayed for this moment for a long time! Best of luck, baby cakes! Since Lauren doesn't write me, someone please tell me when she is leaving. Thanks! ;)

So! Happy Conference, Harry! Happy Conference, Ron. Wow, I never knew why missionaries were always geeking about G-con until now. What the Christmas in April?! I was in heaven! And a Christmas miracle happened! One of my fave investidaters actually attended conference! Not like you care, but for weeks I've been trying to prove to everyone that he's interested in the gospel and not just me. It was such a glorious moment when he walked into the chapel. No one thought he could do it, but I never gave up on him. From the moment Sister Cantu and I knocked on his door that snowy, quiet evening in March, I couldn't help but envision the day when they would make his "I'm a Mormon" video, with me, his wife... I mean... his wife, whoever she may be one day, sitting by his side and weeping in a Relief Society manner about how grateful she was that she... I mean, the cute sister missionaries... knocked on his door. Such a miracle! Flirt to convert WORKS, I tell you.

Basically the highlight of this week was conference if you can't tell. It's fun to get together with the whole ward to watch it. The Phillipinos fed the missionaries a feast and it was just one big party! I wish that was something we were inclined to do in Utah, but maybe when I'm not a missionary anymore I'll remember how wonderful it is to watch conference in pajamas and... go to the sand dunes? ... while... listening... to G-con on the drive... ha ha. Aaah! I miss my family! I tried to keep certain conference traditions alive this year, but les elders weren't game to go along with the hot sauce drinking game. Daniel and my cousies Laurs Bars and Jare Bear will remember last year when we had to take a shot of Tobasco every time they said a word like "scriptures" or "virtue." Ahhh Mormon drinking games. Love it! The elders thought I was crazy when I proposed said idea, however. Granted, they already think I'm crazy, and apostate, and a temptress and so forth, so I wasn't surprised when they said NO. Still, it made me miss my family. I guess it was good to pay attention to conference for once, but I do miss the occasional conference cat naps and family togetherness. 

In other news, Sister Foniciello and I also crashed the Priesthood Pizza Party that the ward had for the men before Priesthood session. (I haven't lost all of my Sylvianess, still felt entitled to go.) I mostly just did it because well, A, I wanted pizza, B because I REVELLED in the awkward, contentious vibes the zone leaders kept sending my way, and C because I loved watching everyone's reaction when I said we were staying for Priesthood. I actually really was trying to stay because I REALLY wanted to hear them talk about missionary work because I KNEW they would and they DID, but I was informed that I would have to wait to read about it in the Ensign next month. Grrr. As you can guess, Sister Cutler didn't take that too well. So I just chanted "SERENITY NOW!" a couple of times and went on my way. Still I was very jealous. But hey, at least I got free pizza.

Other than conference, the best part of my week was tracting into a real life cat lady. It was SO horrific. There was a soft dusting of cat hair over every square inch of her apartment. When I sat down on her couch, I had cats climbing ALL OVER MY BODY. Ohhh boy. What a trip! Did I mention I'm allergic to cats? True story. Still, my aspirations to become a cat lady after the mission have not changed. Who needs to get married when you can own twenty cats? I was truly inspired by the love I felt being literally suffocated by cats, as well as the warm, fuzzy feeling I got when I inhaled soft tufts of silken fur. So precious. 

I hope everyone had an amazing week! And if you watched conference, I'm sure you have a sense of how amazing my week was. I heard that I was on TV?! Psh! My shining moment and I didn't even get to witness it. My mission president told me about it, and I felt so cool. I don't remember my companion being filmed by anyone though... but I heard there was a foxy picture of me, so I'm thrilled. Maybe it will motivate more boys to go on missions in hopes that they get called to the CMM? ;) Anyway, I miss you and love you all! I hope everyone's week is as bright as a blinding pastel sea of Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers. Take care! BISES!



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