Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ring Out Wild Belles... :)

January 6, 2014

Hello, my cuties! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it was as festive as ever. Can you believe that I'll be seeing you THIS YEAR? Put your party pants on! It's going to be a great year! Me coming home... what more could you ask for?! It's crazy to think that I hit my eleven month mark today. I've almost been out for a year! That is a LONG time! And still a ways to go... but really, I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world right now! "Here" being Quebec City. Except... the days of Quebec City have come to an end because...

I'm getting TRANSFERRED! :( Saddest day of my entire LIFE! I will be heading back down to an area in Montreal called La Salle, with apparently the nicest members ever. I went there once on splits and found it to be beautiful, so I'm excited! Except I'll be working in English, which is kind of a bummer, but I was lucky to have 7 months of Quebecois. Can't complain, I guess! And in even bigger news... I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader! For those of you who don't know mission lingo, that means I'm going to be the equivalent of a zone leader for sisters! Super stoked... and nervous as all get out! PRAY FOR ME!!! have the desire to be more obedient.... haha. Should be interesting. ;) I'm excited because I'll be going on exchanges in my old area in Montreal every six weeks! THE BEST!!! Wish me luck on my new adventures in La Salle.

So first of all I just wanted to say... CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet Lilian on getting BAPTIZED! I'm soooo happy for you! I wish desperately I could have been there on your special day. You are an angel and a shining star! I'm glad that Daniel wasn't a spaz and was able to get you baptized in one try. NICE! I love you so much and thought about you constantly throughout the day. I wish you would have waited until I got back to have the baptism, but I understand! I hope it was a beautiful day. :)

So this week was kind of depressing, what with getting transferred and all. But we made the most of it! On New Year's we had a little celebration. Me with a terrible migraine and several hours later Soeur Cutler doped up on high doses of Excedrin. PARTAY!!!!! Sadly, no New Year's kisses for me... ;) but there's always next year! Whooo hoooo! I hope you all had a special day and that everyone is ready for 2014! We went knocking the evening of transfer calls and had some great experiences. There was a man that invited us in his house because it was cold and we were hott, but then he looked at our badges and him and his wife kicked us out reallly fast. Ha ha AWKWARD! But at least that man will be blessed for inviting missionaries into his house on a cold winter's night. Or he just thought we were cute and will probably be struck down by lightening for hitting on soeurs haha. Later that night we visited with a former investigator who is schizophrenic, and that was quite an interesting experience. We felt inspired to go, and it turned out it was her birthday and she was super lonely. It's nice to know you're being led to people who need you in the right place at the right time. We finished out the night with transfer calls, proceeded to scream our heads off and bawl our eyes out, and then we watched The Emma Smith movie!!!! I was in HEAVEN! So many great one liners. Emma to Joseph while playing chess: "Check mate!" Joseph to Emma "What did you call me?" LOLzzzz! SMOOOOOOOOTH! Definitely a line I'll be using when I'm back home being a BYU cougar! :)

I had a feeling that I was getting transferred so most of the week was spent saying goodbye. My last day in the ward was an emotional one, and I even braved bearing my testimony in French. I'm going to miss everyone as if they were my own family. My ward mission leader who has pretended to hate me my entire mission even admitted he was going to miss me, and he said, and I quote, "You are the best sister missionary this ward has ever seen." Ha ha! Truer words  have never been SPOKEN! ;) I was so surprised and so dang flattered. People do care about me! Last night we were miraculously able to go visit the Rodhain family one last time before I head out to La Salle. We had an amazing time, as always, and of course by the end of the night I was crying like a baby. I never thought it would be so dang hard to leave Quebec! Just kidding, I did. I knew after one week here that I would dread the day I had to leave. On the long drive home in the snowy mountains underneath a host of brilliant stars I sobbed my heart out. We turned on the Canada Montreal Mission song and I proceeded to weep for ten minutes straight. Does that explain how much I love Quebec City? No, not even then. Anyway, pray for me to have a smooth transition!

That's it for now! I'll keep you updated as the months in La Salle begin. I'll probably be finishing my mission there. My Canaccent will be out of this WORLD! I love you all terribly and miss you even more. Have a glorious 2014! Hope to hear from you all soooooon! Peace and blessings, love to all. Bisou bisou!


Soeur Cutler

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