Monday, January 27, 2014

Away to Ontariooooooo!

Hello, my little chiclets! How in the world is everybody doing out there? Are you still trapped in the polar vortex? Freezing to death from those Canadian winds? Wasn't me! I swear I had nothing to do with it, eh? Gosh, this has been a lowsy winter. I simply cannot WAIT for spring! ... in like... four months. Boo! Oh well. At least Valentine's Day is around the corner! Eh hem... that was just a little reminder to all of my lovers to start sending me chocolates and love letters.... Although... most of my lovers these days are also missionaries, so they won't be seeing this anyway. Still, a sista can dream!

This week was pretty sweeeeet! We had a lot of adventures and good vibes all around. Last P-Day we organized/texted all of the cool people on the island to come play "bored" games with us. Not a huge fan, but it's nice to hang out with other missionaries. We ended up having a bunch of fun people show up, and we played Catch Phrase in a large group. I'm super amazing at that game, but for some reason the teams I would be on kept losing, and the other missionaries started to catch on, make fun of me, and refuse to be on my team. Gaaaaah! IT was like elementary/middle/high school all over again! Now do you see why I hated going to all of those singles ward activities? Well, 5:40pm rolls around. P-Day was almost over. I just needed ONE more point to win. The time starts ticking. I'm yelling out phrases left and right, my brilliant mind racing. The time gets going faster and faster. I see that my teammate is searching for her words, stressing, not sure what to say. Everyone starts crowding in on her, all of us on the edge of our seats. The timer is accelerating, all of us hyperventilating. Almost two seconds to go, and I scream out "ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!" For the WIN! Pandamonium ENSUES! Elders are on the ground worshipping me! High fives all around! I finally redeemed myself from all of those years of losing at kickball and getting chosen last to be on someone's team. Needless to say, it was a victorious P-Day.

On Tuesday I upped and quit la belle province to spend the day with my sweet little babe Sister Rios! She lives in a place called Cornwall (which she lovingly refers to as Corn-nuggets) a beautiful town that borders the United States. I could see 'murica from my house! The temptation to cross over was soooo strong! Ontario is very different from Quebec, and it was nice to see a brand new part of my mission. Sister Rios and I had a ball gossiping, eating burritos, and reminiscing about the good old days in Quebec City. The next day I accidentally stole their cell phone though, and they live like two hours away from us... so the good feelings of the exchanges were forgotten. Ha ha. Nah, we made them cookies. Hopefully we're forgiven. Still, leave it to me to steal the cell phone of the team of sisters that lives in the middle of a cornfield and desperately needs a phone to communicate with the outside world!

On Friday I got to attend my FIRST (and hopefully not last....) Mission Leadership Council! Aaaah! I cannot tell you how long I had DREAMED of this moment. It was such a wonderful day. I now realize how left out I've been on the decisions being made in the mission. It was nice to throw in my two cents and sit there look cool and leaderly. I feel like I'm the Queen bee of the mission or something! ;) ... JOKING! I promise I'm like the most humble missionary out here. #selfierighteous

Anyway, the mission is going oh so great! We had eleven of our less active members come to church, which was a complete miracle. They are all doing so well and progressing so much in the gospel. It is absolutely AMAZING to watch. We have had amazing moments this week and have been blessed to feel the spirit so strong in their homes. Doctrine and Covenants 50:24 was the power scripture of the week if anyone feels inclined to look it up! :) The ward here is completely fantastic as well. We Zumba'd HARD this week! And the instructor told everyone there was a star in our midst and then pointed to ME! Aaaaah! Ha ha! I felt so special. :) It's nice to know that all of those years of ballet were good for something. If those long, tear-filled years of stress and pain and agony bring one person into the church because I'm a fabulous dancer, it will be totally worth it! ;)

Well, I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! Let me know the drama, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Through a letter most likely... haha. Which could take a couple weeks or months, but remember that I love you all sooooooooooooooo much and can't wait to see you in just a few short months! In the meantime, keep rocking that scene! I love and miss you all so very, very much. Bisou bisou! HUGS!


Soeur Cutler

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