Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Year That Was...

My babes! My loves! Oh my GRACIOUS! Comment ça va? How are my precious ones? Baaaah! I miss you all so much. Permit me to go down trunky road in this letter today because... this week is my YEAR mark! WHAT IS LIFE?! Can you believe you haven't seen my beautiful face in a whole year? You wouldn't even recognize me anymore! Ha ha but really, you wouldn't. Last night my compie and I were looking through some photos from the beginning of my mission, and we just sat and laughed our heads off about my eyebrow less, skinny self. Those were the days! Oh well. At least I'm building character! I had to so I could tell off those street kids for mocking me and my ghetto brows. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

So this week I couldn't have asked for anything better! It got off to the worst start, but by the end all was well and we saw miracles a plenty. Last P-Day after I emailed you all, Sister Sherwood and I went to visit chez Target to grab us up some cute nick knacks. So on Monday we had the most vicious winds I have ever seen. When I opened my car door, it practically blew off the entire frame! I literally had to use ALL of the muscles in my Zumba bod to shut it! Well, since I'm *slightly* the dramatic type, Sister Sherwood thought I was joking about how strong the winds were. So she popped open her door as if there wasn't a hurricane a brewin' outside! Unfortunately, a car was right next to her side. And I tell ya, it doesn't take a prophetess to guess what happened next. In the blink of an eye, her door snapped the side view mirror of the other car CLEAN OFF! The next HOUR (and this is not an exaggeration) was spent in a panic, Sister Sherwood frantically trying to get in touch with someone from the mission office and me sitting there in desperation trying to figure out how to write in French, "We're spazzes and the ...wind... snapped your side view mirror off and we really, really, really hope you don't key our car. If you want to learn more about forgiveness, ASK THE *SISTER* MISSIONARIES!" So after a good hour of this nonsense, we decided it would be a good idea to move our car so that it wouldn't get keyed when they came back to our note. Well. We go to start the car. NOTHING! In the process of all of this mayhem, our car decided to just give up and quit! So we decided to just give up and quit as well. We proceeded to spend the next TWO hours wandering around Target avoiding the situation and feeling sorry for ourselves. After two hours of looking at birthday cards and yoga pants we'll never be allowed to wear, we decided to call the elders and tell them to come jump our car for like the fourth time in a six day period. And they were so mad that they didn't say ONE word to us! *tears galore* Ugh. So to end the world's worst P-Day we found ourselves a McDonald's and proceeded to binge on fries until dinner. And there you have it! No sugar coating. A day in the life of ME!

Luckily the rest of our week went exceptionally well. We were led to the right people at the right time and we did a lot of good in the world. Lately we've been doing this thing where we have the women we visit teach us one of their talents. It has been so incredibly fun and we're getting to know people a lot better. On Thursday one of the women in the ward that we adore taught us sign language! She has a deaf daughter and has been teaching sign language to parents of deaf children for years. Sign language is incredibly beautiful, and I am utterly amazed at the ability of the human mind to communicate in such a profound way. On Friday we went and did makeovers with one of the women who is a fab makeup artists, so that was fun too! She even invited one of her nonmember friends and invited her to take the discussions! Like, seriously? How awesome is she? Love me some member-missionary work! THEN on Friday night we visited with one of our awesome returning members, and she taught us how to crochet! Aaaaah! I haven't done crochet since I was an anti-social fifth grader! I fondly remember about a two week period of my life when all I did was crochet long chains of yarn that wrapped around the house! As sad as it is to say, my crochet skills today are not much better.... haha. STILL! it's totally addicting and it lowers our blood pressure, so it's a skill I'm willing to acquire! 

THEN on Sunday I was asked to SING! It felt sooooo good to share my talents with the ward. I sang "Savior Redeemer of My Soul," which is the last song I sang for my family and friends a year ago before I left! Everyone in the ward worshipped me pretty much. ;) Haha. They said I sound like a Disney princess, and so I've promised them a rendition of Color of the Wind sometime. ;) Man I miss that jam. 

Anyway, that was the week that was! Thank you everybody for your love and support during the first year of this amazing mission. I have loved every minute of being a missionary, but I know that would not be possible without your love, prayers, and infinite support. I am so incredibly blessed that I can't even believe it sometimes. I love you all and miss you terribly! But n'inquietez pas, my little ones. I'll be seeing you soooo soon it's unreal! Until then, bisou bisou! Have a great week!


Soeur Cutler

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