Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Dearest chickpeas,

Ehe ehe.... I'm sick.

I'm currently laughing at my Mean Girl's reference, but I keep breaking out in coughing fits, so I'll try not to be too funny in this letter. I'm dictating this letter to my companion right now actually, and she has so lovingly accepted to be my scribe for the day. Forgive me if this letter is a bit bizarre. I'm a little delirious today due to my fever and the lack of oxygen to my brain. I hope you all can find it in your hearts to feel sorry for me, as I am battling what looks like the beginning stages of pneumonia. Don't fret though, I'm a survivor, I'm not gone give up.  Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic week and that you have sufficiently recovered from your Valentine's Day chocolate hangovers.

This week was... interesting. Last Monday we had a cottage meeting with some ward members and less actives for Family Home Evening. We had to tag-team a lesson with the elders, and they totally tried to steal the show with an object lesson involving a Rubik's cube. We had a cool way of explaining the apostasy by whispering awkwardly into everyone's ears, but it ended up not being as cool as we thought because the elders took it upon themselves to reteach everything we had taught with their stupid Rubik's cube. Sigh... #sisterproblems

This week was filled with sister training leader responsibilities, which spiced things up a bit! On Tuesday I crossed over to the Riv Sud for exchanges with my main Brit, Sista May. She confessed her deep, dark secret to me that she is a feminist, and now I can officially say that she is the second coolest sister missionary in the mission (with the exception of Sister Sherwood). (Just found out after typing this that Sister Sherwood added her own commentary to the letter I dictated to her. Lol.) Seriously though, we had such a groovy day! We bopped in and out of hospitals and homes all day, singing and playing guitar everywhere we went. I felt like Joni Mitchell, bringing good vibes and mellow tunes to the wonderful people of Montreal. 

On Wednesday, Sister Sherwood and I prepared our training for zone conference in under twenty minutes... whoops. Our training was flipping awesome! All of the elders worshiped us! But nothing new there... Zone conference was so amazing. President Patrick taught us the difference between justification and sanctification. I would explain what I mean by that in greater detail, but my head is swimming and I am coughing up a lung. So I will have to tell you all about it when I come home. It totally changed my life though, and I'm beginning to understand the purpose of being a Mormon and how blessed we are to have the knowledge that we have.

On Sunday I was lying in bed unable to move because of sickness, so I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me to feel a manifestation of His love throughout the day. I ended up wobbling into church, rasping out the hymns and sitting around looking like I was on another planet. At the end of the meeting the kindest man came up to us and gave us boxes of chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day. He said he had felt impressed to do that since Thursday, and I proceeded to cry. It was a testament to me that Heavenly Father is always thinking about us, and is always sending us manifestations of His love. I encourage you all to be open to the spirit and look for those moments throughout the day, even when everything seems to be crashing down around you. He really does love each of His children and wants them to know it. That is why I share the gospel. There is no greater manifestation of His love than the truths that He has given us! 

Well, I better wrap this letter up! I hope you're all doing fabulous! Remember, I love you all so very, very much and think of you constantly. You are always in my prayers, and I hope you feel my love from afar. Take care! Have a wonderful week. Keep smiling! Until next time,

Soeur Cutler

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