Thursday, December 12, 2013

Road Trip!

Hey, ho, the mistletoe.... I'm gonna get to know ya better.... this Christmas... Ha ha. Does anyone else think that Christmas song is totally creepy? It's the song of the week this week at ye olde soeur missionnaire apartment. Well now. How the heck is everyone?! Apparently you all suffered way more than me last week in terms of winter cold. BUT. As we speak I am currently in the middle of a big, fat snowstorm, so no, I'm not giving any of you sympathy. However, I am offering my condolences to all of you who are in the middle of finals and end of semester mayhem, and for that I truly am sorry. Bonne chance, bon courage! Je vous aime. 

So this week was quite possibly one of the most fun weeks of my mission! Thank you Christmas for bringing so much happiness and light to mission life. Where do I even begin? On Tuesday Sister Guevara and I got to take a ROAD TRIP (ROAD TRIP!!!!!!) down to Montreal for a meeting for trainers. Oh. My. Gracious. I was in heaven! I remember very little about the actually training... BUT! I got to see my main boo Sister Orozco! As well as ALL THREE of my favorite Chinese elders! It was insanity. The minute the training ended I ran into Sister Orozco's arms, and THEN I looked over my shoulder to see all of my Chinese elders swarming me! Every good feeling in my heart compelled me to give them each a big old bear hug, but President was totally watching me and I totally would have gotten sent home. SO! Instead I gave them each a firm handshake, and they were just beaming and so happy to see me. How could they not be? Oh yeah, and I was happy to see them too. ;) Surprise, surprise, there are some elders on the mission that aren't morbidly afraid of me! Mainly those three.... Needless to say, it was such an incredibly sweet reunion. Afterward Sister Orozco and I took a gaggle of soeurs missionnaires to the most delicious Thai food restaurant Montreal has to offer. (Spicy Thai is still the best in my mind.) So good! It was probably the best sisters outing I've ever been on. Everyone was just in the best of spirits and there was so much to catch up on, and hardly any self-righteousness to go around. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

On Friday night we were able to go over to our ami Pascal's house and help his mom Tamar decorate their Christmas tree. Gosh. Was I weepy or what? Christmas is making me trunkier than a redwood forest! Still, we had tons of fun decorating and spending time with them. They are Premiere Nation, or as you would say in les Etats-Unis, Native American. I love Native Americans sooooo much. You have no idea. Maybe another reason why Quebec is the perfect mission for me? Anyway, they're just the most loving family and I love spending time with them. I love spending time with everyone here, which is another reason the holidays are so grand. It's nice to be invited to people's houses and feel like I belong to a family, when in reality I'm orphaned and alone this Christmas in a foreign land. ;)

THEN the week got even better! We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday, which was double fun because we combined with the branch in Ste Foy, which meant that I was able to love and hug all of my old peeps from the Riv Sud! Ohhhh my. Christmas miracles all around! There was a Christmas dance that night, and lo and behold, SOMEONE started playing "King for a Day" by the Thompson Twins. Obviously I lost complete control of my brain and started singing and moving as much as possible without making it look like I was dancing. REBEL! My district leader saw me, of course, and I was totally scolded, but I SO did not care. That is my JAM! It was just the perfect way to end the perfect night.

Yesterday we went to the church to watch the #ChristmasDevo. The party consisted of all the missionaries, one family, and our stalwart rockstar investigator, Guy. Ha ha he's the man! One of the elders had the idea that we should go watch the X-mas Devo in English, so all six of us went into the tiny geneology room to stream it from the computer. Hmm... cozy. ;) My very favorite zone leader was all worked up and in a tizzy and said, "Uhhh... I think this is the most apostate thing I've ever done..." to which my favorite elder Elder Flitton replied, "Besides that one time you went to bed at 10:31?" Ha ha! Lolzzz. Missionary jokes. I laughed so much. He totally deserved that burn. Since when is it apostate to watch the Christmas Devotional with sister missionaries? Elders.... grrrr. Gotta love em. 

So that was the week that was! And a very fun one at that. This week we're going to try to have less fun and go knock some doors or something. Meh. Same old same old. I'll try to make myself equally miserable this week as you are all in finals. Deal? And then the fun can start again when Christmas rolls around! Anyway, I hope you all have an AMAZING week this week! Remember, I love and miss you all more than you could possibly know. Love and hugs! Bisous! 

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