Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ohhhh Canada! (TUNDRA)

Hello my angels! How are you all doing? Are you cold? If you said yes, I would like to just let you all know that you are NOT cold. Not at all. Yes, maybe you were cold last week. But right now I am indoors and I am SHIVERING uncontrollably. Why? Because it's -15 degrees and the doors of our chapel are covered in two feet of snow. So yeah, you could say that I'm cold. But let's not dwell on that. Anyway! How was everyone's week? I'm sure you're all as geeked for Christmas as I am! 9 more days! GET EXCITED!

Okay, so first things first. Last week for the first time in my life I ate pupusas! You would think after having two companions from El Salvador it would have been much sooner.... In any case, they were SO delish, and what was even better is that we ate them with my favorite Salvadorian members. Afterward we went and had a family home evening with the elders from Ste Foy and the senior couple in the Ste Foy branch with our boy Pierre. It was waaay too much fun! I love FHE. I wish I had a family to have FHE with, but c'est la vie right now. It was nice to get together with my favorite elder..s and be one big happy family. 

This week I slept in a bed other than the one I own in Quebec for the first time in six months! That's right! I went on SPLIIIITS! And I got to visit the lovely little town of Shawinigan. It was so pleasant, and SO nice not to be in charge of my own area for the day. We ate dinner with the cutest family. And they have 10 children!!! My oh my, it was such a party. Since I'm not from a big family I always get overwhelmed when I visit families with lots of kids. What a ruckus! And what a delight. I think I'll have five kids and five cats though, just to balance it out. Anyway, the whole entire day the heater in my beautiful red car stopped working. It was nightmarish. The next morning when we were getting in the car to leave, I noticed that my nostrils were frozen shut. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. We turned on the car. I looked to the dash. NEGATIVE 28 degreeeeees! Hell has officially frozen over. Ha ha ha never ever ever have I been so cold in my LIFE! So please pray for me, my loves.

On Tuesday night we went over to my favorite member's house for dinner, with my favorite vegan ami and my favorite returnigator, aka my boy Pierre. I think I gained ten pounds in one sitting, but it was a super fun Christmas dinner that we all shared together. Gosh, I cannot tell you how much I love that kind of missionary work. Members, missionaries, investigators, all wrapped up into one spiritual evening of great company and great food. I think this is the future of missionary work, eh? GET ON IT!

This afternoon my little compy and I had a Christmas photo shoot in all of the fabulous snow we just got up here! (Chins... have...frrrrozen... offfff....) SOOO cold! I think I've lot a toe or two. Haven't checked yet. My boots are frozen to my legs. But it was so fun! And en plus, I got my eyebrows done AGAIN, so I'm looking more babelicious and less cavewomanish. Pictures are coming! We look good. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful finals week. Please don't die and don't cry. Remember that I LOVE you all and I pray for you every single day! Joyous seasons! Peace and blessings! Loving and missing you all to the moon and back!


Soeur Cutler

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