Monday, July 1, 2013

Ohhhh Canada

Sweet land of liberty! How are you, my loves? It's P-Day again, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the poutine's a sizzlin! Happy Canada Day, everybody! Ha. Blagues. We don't celebrate Canada Day here in the divine country of Quebec. In fact, I have seen ONE Canadian flag since my arrival in Quebec City. Vive la  France of Canada, I say! But on to more important things. Happy 4th of July to my fellow 'mericans in les Etats-Unis! Gosh, you have no IDEA how homesick I'm going to be this week on the 4th. The 4th is right up there with Christmas and Halloween in my book. So carve a watermelon and fire up a sparkler in my honor! Just try not to have too much fun without me, eh? :(

Alright, so this week was FULL of adventures! I seriously cannot get over how gosh darn beautiful this place is. For last week's P-Day adventure Sister Orozco and I decided to dress up like babes and take a Twilight-esque photo shoot in the forest by our house. Well, that was all fine and good until we were SWARMED by mosquitos. But, beauty is pain, so we got our Twilight on anyway. It was all just dandy until I remembered that I am quite allergic to mosquitos, so I was swollen and itchy and oozy the rest of the week, but we made the most of it. Later that night we were invited to have dinner with the Rodhain family, which meant that we got to take a 30 minute drive up into the mountains. Magnifico! Oh. My. FLIP! It was soooo beautiful! We drove past a gorgeous river and forests that stretched for miles into a beautiful summer evening. I was in sheer heaven. 

This week we had an unplanned act of service that led to me going into a liquor store for the first time in my life. PARTAYYYYY! So Sister Orozco and I were walking up the road looking for people to accost on the street... I mean... looking for people to share the gospel with... when suddenly out of the blue this elder woman appears. She turns around, smiles at us, and in the most bizarre dialect of Greek and Quebecois I've ever heard she asks us if we would help her cross the street. The wind was blowing like crazy and that woman probably weighed no more than 60 pounds, so we readily agreed. So we walk and talk with her a ways, understanding absolutely nothing that comes out of her mouth, but she was charming as all get out so it was a delightful experience. Anyway, we take her across the street to her destination. Then we thought, "Well, we should probably helped her walk home when she's done. These winds are just waaaay too fierce." So she invites us to do her shopping with her. We walk into the store. My eyes BULGE out of my sockets. We were surrounded by wine and booze and rrrrum and all kinds of delicious alcoholic beverages. Yes, I did go into my first liquor store as a missionary. But it was in the name of service, I tell you! Don't judge me. :) Ha ha I wish we would have taken a picture, but I didn't want evidence of us being there. So I quickly purchased my rum (mmm... rrrum...) and got out. HA! I tease! I tease! No beer for me. I may be legal here but as an American citizen I still have a couple months to go before I'm 21. Anyway, after we walked her back to her Residence Home she took us on a tour! My goodness. I would NOT mind living in a palace like that when I'm elderly. We stayed awhile and chatted with the elderly people, then went on our way. It was a pleasant experience, and she is thrilled to have us come back anytime. So yes, unplanned acts of service lead to unplanned happiness and a couple nice bottles of Brandy. :)

I'm keeping things relatively short this week (ha...) because we're going to Montmorency Waterfall for SISTER'S P-DAY!!! Can't wait! But really, things are going SO well here. My companion and I are without a doubt the coolest missionaries on the block. Last night we built a fort in the living room and stayed up aaaalll night watching the Joseph Smith movie and talking about all of our romantic escapades. Good times here in the CMM, let me tell ya! And oh yes, BIG SHOUT OUT to Aunt Shannon for sending us Nutella to go! We munched on Nutella in our little fort and had a grand time. So thank you. :)

Well, I will let you all get back to your lives! Just know how much Sister Cutler loves each and every one of you, or almost each and every one of you. Not naming names. HA! I kid, I kid. I'm a sister missionary. I love EVERYONE! ...True story. Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing 4th of July! LET FREEDOM RING! I love you all and miss you so much. \

Until next time,

Sis Cut

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