Monday, July 15, 2013

My Feet Took a Swim

How are all of my favorite people in the world doing? Wow! It sounds like everyone is just having the most amazing summer. STOP IT! Save all of your partying for next August when I step off that plane. Ha ha blagues. Now that I'm a seester I feel happy when others are happy. It's just... not normal. But missionaries are not normal, of that you can be sure. So I embrace it! Anyway, this week was great! So much to tell. Buckle up!

Last Monday we did things RIGHT! There is a FABULOUS family in our ward that invited us to go on a picnic with them. And we thought, sure, we'll go on a picnic. Sounds nice enough. Oh my. This wasn't just any old picnic though. FIRST they took us to see one of the most gorgeous waterfalls! Sister Orozco and I are nature girls, so we were in heaven. But this wasn't all. Oh no, not with these members. This was only the beginning of our excursion. For the next HOUR they drive us out to the middle of nowhere. I'm thinking, "Hmm... am I even in the mission boundaries right now?" (Don't worry! I was!) But I didn't care, because the scenery was flawless. We drove through miles and miles of forests and farm fields. The sun was low in the horizon, the sky was a perfect blue, and there was green EVERYWHERE! Someone better wake me up from this dream. The Quebec mission is UNREAL! I know I will be saying VERY different things in the winter, but this summer has been one of the most glorious seasons of my life. Anyway. FINALLY we get to this tiny village with a church and a few houses, and I'm thinking, okay, we need to probably have our picnic now if we want to get home before dawn. They then take us up to this place called "La Domaine de l'Heritage." LOOK IT UP! It was insane! It's a huge garden in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Quebec City/Riv Sud/wherever the heck I was. We ate underneath a little gazebo and a glorious sunset, taking in a magnificent view of the tiny village and miles of fields stretching into the beautiful horizon. Sheer PERFECTION! We had a fabulous time. And on top of that, they invited nonmembers for our lesson, so we even got something done! Ha! Holla. That's how we do it.

Along with the P-day excursion, the rest of our week was just delightful! (Minus one day that I was so sick that I don't even remember what happened. But don't worry, I'm fully recovered.) On Friday we spent a lovely evening with the world's most cherished investigator in Sister Cutler's book. (In other words, yes, I did find a feminist to teach.) She invited us to swim in her pool, but since I would look like a bleached and beached whale if I put on a bathing suit, and since I have this little tag on for L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours, we decided to cool our heels in the water instead. Ahhhh! Such a perfect summer evening full of gospel discussions, answering her questions and having a fabulous night with her and her rocker husband. At the end of the night she gave us each a long-stemmed rose that she had purchased for us. Is that precious or what? I seriously am in heaven up here. The people are incredible! 

On Sunday I had to give a talk. IN FRENCH. Gosh, it was TERRIFYING! I gave a talk on teaching by the spirit, and you best believe I had to have the spirit with me to communicate ANYTHING without passing out on the spot. It went surprisingly well though! And my fave feminist investigator even came to church for the first time to support me! So I would say it was a success. :) Some members told me they can hardly even detect an accent with my French. LIARS!!! Such fatty liars. But my self-esteem is through the roof now! Really, this week was fab. Can't complain. We made a fort again last night and watched a million video clips about church history. I had dreams about being a polygamist, but I'm slowly recovering. Ha! :)

OKAY. Now. The most important part of this email. The world's BIGGEST SHOUT OUT and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my shining star and best, best, best, best, best, best, friend VANESSA!!!!!!! Vanessa, I love you to the moon and back and I am SO happy to have you in my life! Make 20 the best year of your life, lover! SMOOCHES! I hope it's a great day. Tara or someone who actually reads this, please pass the message on to her. :)

Anyway, I love you all so very, very much! Missing my clique in P-town like crazy! Keep on keepin on and have a fabulous week! We're off to Old Quebec today. Should be fun! Don't get to jealous now! Peace and blessings. BISES!


Soeurster Cutler

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