Monday, June 24, 2013

Life in the QC

Well, hey! Salut to all of my lovers, family, and friends, and a big old bises to go around! Aaah! How is everyone doing? I miss everyone so much that it hurts. The warm weather is making me a trunky fiend! Seriously. Summer brings back all kinds of good vibes and memories of my youth, walking around in tank tops (GASP!) during my rebellious days and texting up my chicas to spend a night at the club instead of diligently attending to my Personal Progress. My GOODNESS, how the tables have turned! Don't worry, come August of next year and I will be back to my ways. ;) Ha ha I TEASE! Sister Cutler is way cooler than the wanna-be-hipster princess I left behind. Still. You best believe I will be hitting up those Young Single Adult Ward firesides and dances and break the fasts like my life depended on it. And it will. I'm getting wrinkly and fat out here and I will need ALL of the ward socials I can get to find my eternal love before I become completely undesirable. 

Anyway... some thoughts I had mulling around in there. BUT! Missionary life is completely fabulous right now! We had an amazing week, and I am FINALLY starting to find my way around here. French comprehension went out the window though... Now I just smile and nod and hope that people don't think I'm incompetent. Ha ha... boy do I have them fooled! But no, the people out here in the QC are incredibly polite and friendly for the most part, and we are teaching AMAZING people. Honestly, I can't complain. Okay, plus it doesn't hurt that I have a STELLAR companion that makes every minute of the day a party. But a good, gospel preaching party, don't worry. 

This week we did a BLITTTTZZZ in our area (sorry, that is the coolest missionary word and it needs to be spelled out in tween text messaging language). That meant that I got to show our Sister Training Leader around an area that I STILL cannot make sense of. GOOD TIMES! We drove out to a member's house for a dinner appointment in the evening, and I was brought to tears by how beautiful Quebec is. Seriously. There are forests EVERYWHERE, and I cannot even begin to describe the joy I felt as I took in the majestic scene around me with my hipster-ized hymns playing softly in the background. Such a delight! In that moment I knew without a doubt that Heavenly Father sent me to the Quebec mission for a reason. He really does know each of His children so well, and this beautiful moment in nature was my witness that He knew exactly where I would feel the happiest as a missionary. Such a blessing.

Alright, so I'm waxing very spiritual right now. That's what nearly five months of a mission will do to you! Anyway. This week I also taught a lesson in Spanish! No joke! Okay, it went like this. So we have a Colombian family that we're teaching right now, and the first time we taught them I just sat there and smiled, said holla or something like that and let Sister Orozco take it from there. Well, this week that would NOT fly with her. We're doing companionship study and she's like, "OKAY. I am NOT teaching this lesson by myself!" And I'm like, "Ohhhh yes you are. My call was in French, not Spanish, little seniorita." Well, she didn't care. So in the course of the morning I learned how to teach "The Gospel Blesses Families" in espanol! Be sooo proud of me! Ha ha it was NBD. I just read a part in Spanish and then said some other things that I can't remember. But that is the gift of tongues right there, I tell you! Psh. Gosh, send me to my South American mission already. Next transfer they're TOTES going to be putting me in a Spanish Ward. Just you wait. 

So there's this fabulous Haitian woman in the ward who invited us over for dinner on Saturday night. She is honestly the craziest, foxiest woman I have ever met. She was just chatting with us right when we're about to share a spiritual thought, and all of the sudden I hear her throw out a "gros mot," or as they would say in my mother tongue, a swear word. And I'm like, "Did you just use the p-word?" (French speakers will know which one I'm referring to). And she just sits back and starts cackling, thinking that as a sister missionary learning French I wouldn't notice her casually slip in some French swears. And I'm like, girl, please. Do you KNOW who my brother is? Well, we think it will end there and we all have a good laugh. THEN she starts listing all of the English swear words she knows. No, not just listing. SHOUTING them. At the top of her lungs. And my companion and me, being the highly immature people that we are, laughed ourselves to tears. After a good five minutes, we tried to get back to our spiritual thought. Halfway through the scripture I remembered her little swear fest and just lost it all over again. Ha ha sooo embarrassing. I'm the most immature missionary on the planet. Still, it made for a good story. I highly approve of this area. :)

In case you can't tell, I am completely in love with Quebec City! The ward is phenomenal, the members feed me way more than they should, and pounds and Pot de Chinois and Poutine and Tarte a sucre reign supreme out here. Seriously, missionary work is the best. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! I am going to hide myself away in the apartment now for the rest of the day because it's St. Jean-Baptiste Day, aka Quebeckers going crazy and boozin it up and making the streets dangerous for missionaries. So have a wonderful week! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! And remember... every member a missionary! The Church is true! Choose the Right! Nourish and strengthen! 

Until next time,

Sis Cut

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