Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Ice my winter gear! I do so wish I was Catching Fire, but it's the opposite, I'm afraid. My goodness. I cannot even begin to describe how cold it is up here. As the Quebecois would say, "Il fait FRETT!!!" Translation: It is so cold that I want to throw myself into a pile of burning firewood and never come out. So apparently the cold that I am experiencing right now is nothing. That's what the locals tell me. I cannot even begin to tell you how much that warms my heart. Wish me luck! I would tell you all how sorry I feel for you that you are also experiencing a cold winter right now, but... well, how do I put this? Not to brag or anything, but my winter is definitely colder than your winter. End of discussion.

This week was wonderful, even if I felt like the Ice Queen in the flesh the majority of the time. Last Monday we were able to go to Vieux Quebec and see some Christmas cheer! I don't think the Christmas spirit is in full throttle yet, but it was nice to see some lights and walk around my favorite parts of the city. I really will NEVER get tired of saying how much I love Quebec City. And good news! Transfer calls were this week... and I'll be staying here for Christmas! With my sweet little Sister Guevara. That will make seven months in Quebec City by the end of this transfer, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! I am beyond thrilled. Christmas with my favorite people in my favorite area. It doesn't get better than that!

I would also just like to point out that my call was made a year ago. Looking back to that moment that I opened my mission call a year ago on Thanksgiving, I seriously cannot believe everything that has happened to me since that time. I've changed so much, I've learned so much, I've grown so much (even if it be only horizontally), and yet that moment feels like yesterday. Ahh! What a trip! I remember being at Grandma Cutler's on Thanksgiving, about three hours before I opened my call. And Dad said something like, "This time next year you could be spending your Thanksgiving in a grass hut with bugs or rats in some far away land." Joy of joys. Well, here I am, a year later, in Quebec City (thank goodness)! Not celebrating Thanksgiving... but that's okay! Make some Frog Eye Salad in my honor, eh? I'll be home to eat all the bottled beet preserves next year.

In other news, this week was quite lovely. We spent a fair amount of time visiting less-active women, which is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do. We also had a Zone Meeting, which, let me tell ya. I always make a fool out of myself at those things. The elders think I'm frightening enough, but when I go to those shindigs something ridiculous always comes out of my mouth and I embarrass myself to death. This month's zone meeting comment was golden. So I wasn't paying much attention the whole meeting, because everyone was just being hard on themselves and talking about what failures they are. And I was just feeling so sad that everyone was being so self-critical. So at the end of the meeting one of our zone leaders was asking a few people what they learned at zone meeting that day. And the comments were, again, pretty self-critical. I had already jabbered enough at the meeting, so I didn't think he would pick on me. Then he says, "Sister Cutler, what did you learn at zone meeting today?" And it was in that moment that I commenced a very high-charged, out of this world sobbing fit. And I just exclaimed in my most tempestuous voice, "Today I learned that you are all freaking AMAZING. Every last one of you. And your best is good enough. So stop thinking otherwise." Ha ha let me tell ya. It was sooooo awkward in there. It's like the third time they've all seen me break out into tears. Then my ZL says, "You're amazing, Sister Cutler." Just to break the awkward silence. And I was like, "Duh, I know." Still crying. Ahhhh! So ridiculous! I'm turning into such a ninny. When I get back I'm going to be like a BYU YSA Ward testimony meeting on steroids. Get your tissues ready!

Anyway, that was the week that was. Much of it was spent with good company, favorite members (shout outs to Sister Levesque...cough cough), and a favorite companion. And way too much pillow talk. I'm so exhausted! Ha ha I should probably take a nap today. Well, I hope you are all doing exceptionally well! I miss and love every single last one of you! Please let me know that you're alive and well. Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! Peace and blessings. Bisou bisou!


Soeur Cutler

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