Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fondue and a Celtic November Kick-off

My BABES! Aaaah! My goodness! How the heck is everyone doing? How was Halloween? Where are my Halloween pics? I KNOW you all dressed up. Just because I'm a sister missionary does NOT mean you can't send me updates on all of your witchcraft and hoopla! I hope everyone had a magical Halloween week. It sounds like you all went ahead and had plenty of fun without me, which I know I will have a hard time forgiving. Good riddance, I say. We spent our Halloween eating our very last Chocolats Favoris chocolate-dipped ice cream cones, and then we got our ami Guy started on his genealogy. Looking up dead people for Halloween? Pretty sure it doesn't get better than that! 

So this week was a week full of miracles and rainbows and smiles. Also, vicious Quebec winds and mildly cold nights. I say mildly cold because I know I'll have absolutely no way to describe the weather when it gets COLD cold. And when I say mildly cold I mean I was freezing my booty off, chattering my teeth away, and screaming my lungs out because of the pain. And it was only -3 or -4 Celsius! What a treat. We had a horribly frightening rain and wind storm also, but my compy was throwing up that day, so fortunately I watched it from my window as I contemplated whether or not I was about to end up in Oz like Dorothy. Ohhhhh Canada! Time to bust out my tuque and cook up some moose! Which I ate in a lasagna last week. It was DE-LICIOUS. 

Alright, so enough about moose and snow and how miserable the weather is making me. This week really was such a treat! We spent a lot of time with our ami Guy because he is going in for surgery this week. On Sunday night he invited us over for dinner with our favorite family, famille Fallardeau, which was pretty much the biggest party ever. We made him a birthday cake (red velvet, my favorite) and had fondue! Mmmmmmm.... so heavenly. When I walked into the house, I suddenly overheard the ethereal sounds of my one true love Loreena Mckennitt playing softly in the background. It turns out Guy is ALMOST as much of a Loreena fan as I am! Almost. I spent the evening in a Celtic reverie, The Lady of Shalott soothing my soul and warm fondue and delicious red velvet cake fattening my corps physique. HEAVEN ON EARTH! Missions are full of so many tenderrrr mercies. We gave the leftover red velvet cake to the elders this morning, with a note that read: "Dear Elders, We made you a cake built out of rainbows and smiles, so that you can all eat it and be happy." (Mean Girls reference, for those of you who are behind the times.) And those little punks didn't even say thank you! MEN! Ha ha elders are the worst. Don't feed them. 

The other highlight of my week was visiting a fancy tea shop in downtown Quebec City with our boy Pierre (world's coolest "returnigator" as he calls himself). My companion and I thought we could have died of happiness. It was pretty much this hipster palace full of tizane and tea and good vibes all around. I don't know how many missionaries teach the laws and ordinances lessons while sipping back a nicely brewed tizane, so go me for my zen and overall coolness. Ha ha well, it was actually Pierre's coolness that introduced us to such a sweet hangout, but my GOODNESS was it a fun time! At the end of the lesson I was having the hardest time finding the keys to our shiny red car. We spent a long time searching, when suddenly something whispered, "Go check outside." I was like, "Oh boy. I probably left them in the ignition." Well, I did. And not only that, the car was RUNNING! And the doors were ALL unlocked! For two hours in downtown Quebec City we left our car running, and would you believe it? Not ONE person thought to steal it! Ha ha. Why are people so darn trustworthy? Peace and blessings were upon me, that's all I've got to say. Not having that car stolen was just about the biggest miracle of my LIFE!

Anyway, that's the week that was. I honestly can't complain. It could have been a little bit warmer, but there's not much I can do about that. Send me the warmest vibes possible! I'm going to have frost bite on every square inch of me by the end of this winter. I hope everyone is doing just FABULOUS, and that November is treating  you nicely thus far. You are all LOVED! And greatly missed! By the foxiest sister missionary in the Great White North! (That's me, if you were wondering.) Loves and hugs! Bisou bisou!


Soeur Cutler

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