Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Bonjour, bonjour! How are my lovelies doing? Aaaah! I wish I could just give you all a big old squeeze right now! I'm missing everyone quite terribly, but what else is new? Halloween is in the air. Today I heard Thriller playing while snacking on sushi in Jardin Mobile (my newest hipster hang out), and I just wanted to CRY! My goodness. I hope you all have the BEST Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. Hands down. Alas, no candies or borderline inappropriate costumes for me this year. Sad day! I hope you all revel it up without me! Carve pumpkins and eat candieeees in my honor! No candies for me this year. I am on a very strict lentil and sweet potato diet. Anyway, I hope you are all having a great week and are getting ready to send me pictures of your oh-so-swanky Halloween costumes. Notice I said swanky, not what you thought I said.

Well, this morning I awoke to the first snow. I was busy in the kitchen whipping up P-Day pancakes, listening to the soft sounds of my Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, when suddenly I turned around and saw what I have been dreading... SNOW! Quebec winter is HERE! At least, I think so. It's actually very sunny and pleasant now, but this morning we got a good dose of la neige. My cutie companion and I were definitely in the Christmas spirit all morning, so we sang "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" for our companionship studies. Very festive, but then I realized that Christmas is still two months away... BOO! Meh. Deck the halls, I say!

This week was very slow in terms of me doing crazy things. Nevertheless, it was pleasant, as always. On Friday we had a fabulous vegan dinner with our fabulous vegan investigator, which has brought me to a major life decision... I am soooo going vegan! Ha ha okay, probably not. I like ice cream WAAAAY too much. But I did experiment with making some vegan dinners this week. Delish! Alas, my companion prefers tacos, so we'll stick with the basics. Anyway, it was a fun night. We arrived after a night of knocking doors and having seemingly festive people with festive Halloween decorations slam their doors in our faces. Niiiice!  We had a very lengthy gospel discussion, very great insights shared all around. I love moments like that on the mission. It's what keeps me going! There is nothing better than people loving and accepting the gospel, even the smallest part of it. 

Another fun thing we did this week was "Heart-Attacking." Ha ha! The best! Why have I never been more loving or creative? My companion is full of all sorts of fun ideas, so I thought we'd give it a try. We went and covered our ami's door with hearts to cheer him up. Pictures to follow! I thought I was going to die of anxiety though. It reminded me of all those times I was asking boys to dances, usually ending up making my friends do the door-bell ditching for me because I am waaaaay to big of a scaredy cat. I also thought of all of those great times every January when we would go forking a certain someone's lawn. Ha ha! Good times. Again, I would stand far away, way sheepishly, and let everyone else do all the work. Surprises cause me waaay to much anxiety!

Well, that was my week more or less! It was definitely a good one. Pretty busy, pretty fast-paced, so I can't really recall what I did. Nothing that would interest you all anyway. I hope everyone has a festive, fabulous, flirtatious Halloween! Please do, for my sake. If only the flirtatious part. ;) I love you all more than words can even describe, and I miss you to the heavens and back! Have a great one! Mucho love! 


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