Saturday, November 23, 2013

Santa's Little Helper

Well, HEY! How are you, my lovelies? Did you miss me yesterday? Did anyone even notice that I didn't write home? Hmm? Am I just becoming a dim memory to you all? Good riddance! I'm coming home sooner than you think. You best be ready when this little slice of Canadian sugar pie rolls back into town. Ha ha. Anyway. I hope you all had the BEST week! What's the 411? What is everyone up to? What's the hottt gossip? Are you all as freezing as I am? Don't answer that question. I know that is 100% impossible. The Ice Queen of Provo is turning into a literal ice queen now. What do you think of that? I need some Justin Timberlake to warm my soul. In due time, I suppose.

So.... anyone want the big news of the week? Soeur Cutler is HALF.WAY.DONE! Yes indeed. I am officially on the downward spiral... say WHAT?! I can't even believe it. Nine months ago I was ruling the MTC, and now in that same amount of time I'll be back in the real world of dating and celestial marriage and BABIES! Can't handle it! I don't think I would come home if it weren't for the fact that I miss you all TERRIBLY! But still. I'd prefer not to get back into the BYU scene. Dates at the Creamery on 9th. Hiking the Y. FHE. Bowling. Squaw Peak... whaaa...? I din't just say that... In all honesty though, the first nine months of my mission have been a dream. I've been more blessed than I thought was humanly possible, and I've met just about the hippest, craziest, most wonderful people in the Great White North. To say I'll be sad to leave at the end of this is, well, a bit of an understatement. For my nine month mark we went out and got sushi and Tim Horton's with our boy Pierre. We had a groovy time, sang a hymn, took some awesome selfies. Honestly, I can't complain.

In other news, this week was just about as fabulous as ever! Last week we went to visit our dear, sweet, wonderful eternigator Lucie, as per usual. Well, Lucie was bragging to me about how skinny she was back in the days of yore, and to prove it she had her ever-so-patient brother-in-law go and fetch her old corsets from the attic. Those things were TINY! Well. I had an idea. I HAD to see if they fit me. So I tried one on over my clothes. I might have broken a rib or two, but it FIT! Poutine ain't got NOTHIN on me! Ha ha. It was the most joyous day of my life. So guess who walked away that night with two "vintage" corsets from the 1950s. THIS GIRL! I love them to bits. I wore one on Sunday and my clothes suddenly started to fit again. I'm telling you, there can be miracles when you believe. I would send a pic but... riskay riskay, I say. I also made another AWESOME buy for the winter. Spandex. With galaxies all over them. I call them my space pants, and MY GOODNESS, yoga in the mornings just got a WHOLE lot better! Were it allowed, I would run around all day teaching the Plan of Salvation in them. Alas, they are not sister missionary appropriate. Although... I DID wear them under my longest polygamist skirt during my interview with the mission president... Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I lifted my skirts mid-calf (gasp!) so that my boy Elder Hernandez could see them, and I think I might have frightened him. Ahhhh... Elders. I know they all secretly love me. Anyway, I'll be sending pics. I took some awesome selfies. Has MySpace made a comeback yet? If so, they would be up there in a heartbeat.

This week we also had the chance to have dinner with one of my FAVE members of all time, Sister Duchemin, with our vegan ami. The best, as always. We discussed my webbed toes and my double jointed elbows, yes, but we also had an amazing lesson. I just love those days on the mission. Members, missionaries, investigators, all wrapped up into one fabulous evening. It just doesn't get better than that! Later in the week the same vegan ami invited us over to try some of his ..wheat grass. He grew it all by himself! It was so good. It went really great with our new vegan kick that we're on. He said that you can live forever if you drink like six ounces a day. Something like that. Being healthy ROCKS! We went home and counteracted the wheat grass juice immediately after with some Rolo Ice Cream. GO US!

Yesterday P-Day was cancelled because.... MISSION CONFERENCE came to town! It was super, super, super uplifting. Like, words cannot describe. I feel like a new person. We had Elder Pieper from the 70 come to speak to us, and he was just absolutely fantastic. I said the closing prayer at the end, and I was crying like a baby. Super embarrassing. But the spirit was definitely there and I learned a lot of important truths. I love that part about being on a mission. You are blessed with so many uplifting spiritual experiences throughout the week. Sometimes it's almost too much to handle! 

Well, I hope you are all doing super great. I don't see why you wouldn't be in that non-humid desert wasteland. Please pray for me to stay warm! That is all I ask. ALL I ask. Pray for me to have a car until winter is over. And then pray for me to be walking for the last three months of my mission. I've gotta figure out a way to get rid of this Canadian tire! Corsets and galaxy pants are only going to go so far. But until then, send me some waaaarm vibes! I'm sending oodles of love in return! I love you all and miss you terribly. Holla at your girl when you feel up to it. Which should be ALL the time. Peace and blessings, my angels! I'm out! 


Soeur Ice Queen

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