Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Was playing this week as I was walking the streets of Quebec. That's my jam! It reminded me of my old self. So weird. Anyway, how the heck is everyone doing? Summer is just trailing along here and making me miss everyone. We've had a very chilly past couple of days. I'm feeling an early winter here in the QC. Bring it on, I say! Bleh. Not. Winter here was atrocious... three... months ago. Ha ha never ending misery. But, I shouldn't complain. Summer was pleasant and my inner nature goddess continues to thrive at the moment, so I'll enjoy it while I still can. 

So to start this letter off, I need to give the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT in the WORLD to my beloved Daddy Bear! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) from your favorite child (me)! I hope you were given all of the blueberry buckle in the world and plenty of love. I've been channeling good energies down to you all week, so hopefully they reached you on time! (Whereas your birthday card probably did not, and for that I'm sorry.) But I love you soooo much! The world's most intelligent, witty, wise, and sensational human being I know! Big smooches and hugs from Poutineville! Next year your birthday gift will probably come in the form of tall, blonde, and super beautiful stepping out of the airplane. Soooo get excited! :)

This week was incredibly difficult if I'm being perfectly honest. Some people are just RUDE! Ha ha my poor greenie had her baptism by fire into the wonderful area of Quebec City. We learned the importance of charity in the face of incredible adversity. Still love these people though! For every difficult moment there is always a blessing. This week my faaave investigator and her super groovy husband/boyfriend/lover of 15 years invited us over for fajitas and a bonfire, so all was not lost. They seriously are the coolest couple in Quebec City! We sat around the fire in their backyard and pondered a gospel message under a beautiful, starry, summer sky. These are the moments on my mission that make every door slam worth it. 

I also discovered this week that my new little greenie is an even bigger scared-y cat than I am. Our 85 year old eternigator decided it would be a good idea to sit us down this week and tell us every ghost story she could think of in her 85 years of life. I was creeped out to be sure, but for the rest of the week my sweet little companion has INSISTED on showering with the bathroom door open, keeping every single light on until we go to bed, and even THEN we have to have a night light on. LOL. I've been telling her scary stories the rest of the week. (SO MEAN!) But I can't help it! She's scared of everything. 

Interesting story about one of our investigators. Last Friday we spent an entire hour testifying to our investigator (investidater, pervigator, whatever) Eric how many blessings he's going to receive if he follows the Word of Wisdom. And he just sat there nodding, and saying with incredible vehemence, "EXACTEMENT! EXACTEMENT!" By the end of the lesson we were confident he was going to quit smoking. So afterward Sister Rios and I leave the lesson to go get some iron supplements for her anemia, thinking that Eric is finally going to change his ways. On our way out we see that little pill sneaking all stealthily out of the Jean Coutu, toting his cigs in hand. BAAAAH! I had to exercise all of my self control not to chase him down and dispose of them myself. Soooo frustrating! But, miracle of miracles, our CRAZY ward mission leader got him out of bedSunday morning and got him to church! So there's progress there. But if his gaze wanders one more time during a lesson he's gonna get DROPPED.

ANYWAY. That's basically the story of my week! Not nearly as eventful as last week when I saw Sir Paul (still recovering from the Beatlemania, btw), but there were good times to be had. I hope everyone is having a pleasant summer without me. Looking forward to all of the letters that should be flooding my mailbox in the next week ... hint hint. ;) Just kidding! Carry on with your lives! I'm really doing so great out here and loving my mission just as much as ever. Have a great week! Missing everyone so much! Bisou bisou! :* *:


Soeur Cutler

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