Monday, August 19, 2013

The Boys Are Back!

Heyyy! How are all my sweet peas doing? I hope you're all enjoying the final days of summer and soaking up those last rays of sunlight. You wouldn't believe what I had to do this week. Middle of August, and I had to bust out my winter coat! Ohhh Canada. I seriously wanted to cry. But no worries, today I'm sweating like a pig again, so hopefully summer is here to stay for just a while longer.

This week... was awesome! We had our first zone conference with the new mission president, and I seriously love him! His perspective on missionary work is definitely my style, so I'm seeing good things on the horizon. Also... drumroll please... the P-Day rule has been lifted! My season of no flirting has finally come to an end! Sisters and elders can plaaaaay! It's seriously a Christmas MIRACLE! Last night when Elder McMurrin called us and made this historic announcement, I thought my heart would soar out of my body! So, if my email is a tad short today it's because we're having a PARTAY with the elders in Old Quebec! So jazzed! Imma be COUGIN it up like there's no tomorrow! Ha ha I'm only just a *little* excited about this if you can't tell.

In other news, this week was just ohhhh so good. On Saturday night we were invited to ``do some less active work`` at an Epluchette de blé d`Inde. Translation... corn party? Ha ha. It's a Quebecois tradish! Basically you get together and eat corn and have a good time. So there's a less active family that lives an hour outside of the city, and they invite the VIP members of the ward to their corn party at the end of every summer. Frère Rodhain was nice enough to drive us out there. I was in HEAVEN! We drove through miles of farmland and forest and rivers, all while listening to the Rodhain's finest selection of classical music. It was soooo fun to party with my fave families in the ward, but I'm not lying when I say I gained ten pounds at that little shindig. But hey! There was world-renowned, Neufchatel corn there. What else was I supposed to do?! Really though, it was just what we needed after a stressful week. Being at a barbeque on a beautiful sumemr night reminded me so much of being back home with family and friends. NBD, this time next year I'm bringing the Epluchette de blé d'inde back to my possee in Utah. Get excited!

My fave story of the week. We were on our way to an investigator's house when we were suddenly swarmed by a gaggle of neighborhood kids. This adorable little girl comes up to me and says, ''Vous êtes siiiii belle!'' Translation... I be looking GOOD! Ah! I wished I could pick her up in my arms and take her home. THEN she puts her hands on my stomach and says, ''Êtes vous enceinte?'' Translation... Are you pregnant? AAAAAAH! I wanted to DIE! It's a good thing I had read a scripture in the New T that day about being nice to children, cause that little punk was asking for it! My comp was just laughing her buns off and mocking me to no end, when suddenly the little girl goes up to HER stomach and says the same thing! Ha ha! We rigolé'd beaucoup beaucoup, but we are DEFINITELY doing more sit-ups this week! Bratty as they were, those little hoodlums were adorable. I taught them how to say ''I love Justin Bieber'' in English. Little cutesos. When we told them we had to go they got super mad and started hurling rocks at us. Only took me seven months to get stoned as a missionary, attacked by little punks, no less! Still, it brought joy to my soul. Lol.

Well, I hope y'all are having a fab week! I miss everyone so much. Good luck with all the back to school shopping! SO glad I'm not working at JCPenney right now haha. ANyway, take care, my loves! See you on the flipside! Missing and loving you all to infinity and beyond! Bisou!


Sister Cougar

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