Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Boys of Summer Have Gone

Hello everyone! My goodness, you have no IDEA how much I miss every single one of you rascals! Fuh real. How is everyone doing? How is back-to-school going? Guess what. I don't have to go! Ha! Sooo weird. This is the first time since kindergarten that I haven't had to go back to school in the fall. Gosh... what is life right now? What is life?! I secretly wish I could be going back, secretly not. My little compy had to give a ten minute talk last Sunday, and I was up for three hours past my bedtime busily translating it from English to French. Nightmare! It reminded me of school a little bit though, and how I used to be busy into the night finishing homework I had procrastinated... kind of missed the feeling a little. But then I realized how tired I was the next morning, so I think I can wait another year before putting myself through the joys of school again. 

So this week was INSANE! Some of the best days of my mission! So many adventures. I hardly know where to begin! Let's start with Quebec City's first elder/sister P-day last week... SO GREAT! Elders didn't know what to do with themselves. Everyone was fighting for Soeur Cutler's attention. And I mean, full on FIST FIGHTS, brawls, you name it! Ha ha blagues. No such tom foolery. BUT! I did have quite the embarrassing moment. I'd be surprised if elders and sisters will ever be allowed to play on P-day again after the stunt I pulled. Okay, so get this. We're walking through some very Euro-fabulous streets in Old Quebec, everyone just chatting and having a great time. I had an elder on each arm, and the rest were just clamoring behind me, vying for my attention right and left. Suddenly one of those delightful Quebec City winds came gusting through the street, and guess who decided to wear her most vibrant, light-weight skirt to go traipsing through Old Quebec? This one. Sooo... up goes my skirt! You could hear a pin drop the elders were so silent. I want to say I looked just like Marilyn Monroe in this moment, but that would be the world's biggest lie. Ha ha I'm sure you can only imagine. Anyway, I ran away with my comp. And we laughed our guts out. And the elders to this day have not been able to look at me the same. Sooooooo embarrassing! Ha ha I seriously wanted to die. Hopefully they all get over it, because I definitely want to have another elder/sister P-day again. We walked all through Old Quebec and got the world's most delicious gelato. I'd say it was a success!

Thursday might have been the best day of my mission. Can't decide. Sister Rios and I have a Spanish speaking investigator on the Riv Sud, which is about 100 clicks out of our way. We used to not care, but then I realized how low my click limit was, so we thought we'd be smart and take public transportation over there. That includes three bus changes and a ferry ride. And then another bus and walking for about a mile. Well, we ended up spending the ENTIRE day on public transportation, all for ONE lesson. Which went super well! And I taught more in Spanish, so it was worth it. But, the trouble was... we missed the ferry back. By ONE minute! Which meant we had to wait another hour. So by 9 o'clock we were back on the ferry, the city lights and the glow of the Chateau Frontenac looking more glorious than ever before. We were able to walk through Old Quebec at night, a light rain drizzling around us an a cool autumn breeze dangerously fluttering my skirt around (no flashing this time, thank goodness). Suddenly there was a HUGE crash of thunder, and the world's most torrential downpour of rain came cascading through the skies. We were SOAKED to the bone! But I seriously enjoyed every minute of it. On the way back home I contacted a man on the bus. Who spoke English! Miracle of miracles! There's something you don't see everyday! He was seriously awesome. He was like a professional dungeons and dragons player. He asked for my digits. OF COURSE I gave them to him. Then he remembered that I was a missionary and it got super awkward. But I know he was in love. Ha ha in all honesty though, it was just such a great way to end my day. He was super sweet. I feel like even though we were out WAAAY past our curfew, Heavenly Father had me in the right place at the right time. We ended up crawling into the house at about 11 o'clock at night. Pretty sure my companion wanted to kill me, but I couldn't even get over how fun that day was. Definitely one of the highlights of my mission.

In other news, good things happening here in the Quebec ward! We have been working pretty extensively with a man named Pierre who was baptized into the church in 2005, but quickly fell away after that. Well, one night in June after he was wasted out of his mind, he decided he needed to make some changes in his life. That's where Sister Cutler, Sister Orozco, and later Sister Rios stepped in. We've been helping him get his life back on track, and you'll never guess what happened this Sunday... he got the priesthood! One of the happiest days of my mission! I even snuck into Elder's Quorum to watch his ordination. It was seriously such a great experience. Those are the moments I treasure the most on my mission. I just love seeing people make these changes in their lives. It warms my soul!

One other funny story of me being a coug.... So yesterday at church I was just boppin around, when suddenly two of les jeunes filles (young women) accost me in the hallway. They're all trippin, "SISTER CUTLER!!!! SISTER CUTLER!!!" And I'm all like, "Wuhhh?" So get this. They met this uber babe from Nova Scotia or something like that at their youth conference last week. And they found him on facebook this week. So they were stalking his profile pics, (something I would have done at their age) checking to see if he has a honey. Well guess what. He does. There was a picture of him with a girl on Temple Square, and would you believe it, HE WAS KISSING HER! On the cheek! And they're all, "Man, who is that hottie? Why was he all dancing it up with us at Youth Conference if he already has this hot mama?" Then they look closer... and they're like... wait a second... THAT'S SOEUR CUTLER!!!! Ha ha ha cougin it up and stealing their honeys!!! Turns out it's my fave Canadian friend that I met months back. Small world, eh? Needless to say, the whole ward was a buzz about my cougish ways. Soooo funny. Seriously, I wanted to die. I'm so proud of myself. But now all of the laurels be jealous... but I can't help it that I'm popular... even with the 16 year olds... ha ha. 

So that was my week! A pretty good one, I might add. I hope everyone is doing sooooo soooo great! Tomorrow Sister Rios and I get to go down to Montreal for some training, which means I'm going to see a bunch of my peeeeps! Sooo pumped! This morning when we found out we were going, we blasted Sandstorm and danced around the house like a bunch of zoobies! I tried to throw out some break dance moves that I learned back in high school but... my core turned to pot. Sad day. Life goes on! Anyway, I'll let you know how our road trip goes. I love you all ooodles and ooodles and I hope everyone is just enjoying life as much as I am right now! I want to know what everyone is up to! Summer adventures! Forbidden romances! I want to hear it all! Ha ha sending a bunch of smooches your way from the Great White North to the Great White Bellies. Ha ha ha I crack myself up! But seriously, that's a good one. Long live the land of super sizing! Well, I love you all and miss you terribly! Peace and blessings!


Soeur Cutler

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