Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Days Drifting Away

Hello to everyone that I love to pieces back in the states! How are you all doing? My goodness, I'm missing everyone terribly! I may or may not be the world's trunkiest sister missionary. But I keep it to myself... until glorious, glorious P-Day when I get to plant myself at the computer and remember that I have a huge gang of people back home that love me! Ahhh. So good to hear from everyone. How has everyone been? I hope you're all enjoying your final days of summer! Make it count! The leaves are starting to change up here already. Anytime I mention this to the locals though they FLIP at me, so I'll just mention it to you all. But really, I can't complain. This summer was glorious. I'm excited to see Quebec in the fall (it's going to be gorgeous, by the way)! So, good things ahead before that brutal Canadian winter sets in. 

This week was pretty low key. No perverts, which isn't a good thing or a bad thing, necessarily. I do enjoy feeling creeped out from time to time, so my week was lacking there. But! We did have some fun little moments along the way, so I'm not feeling too cheated. This week we discovered the homestead/neighborhood of a zillion Nepalese immigrants. New FAVE ethnicity! They are literally the sweetest people on the planet. They have no idea what we're saying, so they just invite us in and let us sit there awkwardly on their couch until we can't bear the awkwardness anymore and leave. But they just smile at you the whole time! So great. This week we found the cutest Nepalese boy who spoke French well enough to express his interest in learning more. We suspect maybe he was just interested in the two cute sister missionaries at his doorstep, but he let us in and we prayed with him and his mom, who was NOT as interested in the sister missionaries as her son. Still! It was a sweet experience.

We also ran into a lady from the Congo! And she didn't speak a WORD of French either. Ha ha so she called up her daughters to come home and translate for her. And we're just like... no, it's okay. You don't need to invite us in. But she was INSISTENT! Well, it turns out this woman was already a member of the church! And she had been looking for our meetinghouse, but she only speaks Swaheli so she was having a hard time. So many miracles this week! It was a cool experience. I had my French translated into Swaheli by a ten year old for the better part of an hour. One of the coolest things I've experienced on my mission. I seriously LOVE it out here. I meet people from so many countries. I need some serious gift of tongues going right now so that I can speak Nepalese, Swaheli, Spanish, and this really weird dialect of French called Quebecois. 

Speaking of the gift of tongues, I prayed in Spanish! Ha ha and Sister Rios taught the rest of the lesson... but I'm learnding! We are teaching the most amazing family from Honduras right now, but their French is no bueno. So I just sit back and let my little greenie do all the talking. It's super nice. They live forever away from our area though, which means we are burning clicks like there is no tomorrow. The first time we visited them this week I got SUPER lost on my way home. I ended up driving us through Old Quebec at 10 o'clock at night, THEN somehow to the other side of Quebec City to Montmorency Falls, and then home... at a very unreasonable hour. Ha ha my comp was dying. But I'm still alive! Yesterday night after our lesson with them we had a similar problem. A member tried to give us a "shortcut" home so that I wouldn't get lost again, but I ended up taking the wrong freeway entrance and taking us to the North Pole practically. Adventures all around when you're with Sister Cutler and her impeccable sense of direction! My companion is learning that patience is a virtue. 

This week was great! We worked hard and had tons of fun. On Friday we celebrated our eternigator's 85th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lucie. This woman is seriously AMAZING! I love sitting with her at her kitchen table for hours on end, and I MEAN hours on end... and listening to her stories. My bum is super sore by the end, but it's like stepping into a little piece of history. I'm going to be visiting EVERY elderly person I know when I get back. Gosh, I'm such an ungrateful punk! :)

Well, I hope you are all doing amazing and having a stellar week! Pray for me to have a better sense of direction, on the road and in life in general haha. Also, SHOUT OUT this week to my fave childhood sweetheart (not trying to sound creepy) MAUDIE for getting married this week! I'm sending all of my love and best wishes your way! It was a delightful surprise getting the wedding invitation in the mail, and you best believe that adorable couple is hanging up on my fridge for eternity. Could've waited for me to get back before the wedding of the century, but I'll survive. ;) Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Keep my spirit alive in P-town! Gros bisou to you all!


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