Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Lusty Month of May

It's May... it's May... the LLLUSTY month of May! Tee hee! Hello everyone! My dearest, dearest family and friends! How the heck is everyone? Wow. I seriously think this was the longest week of my life! So much has happened. One minute it was winter, the next it was spring, and now suddenly it's summer! Serious mood swings with the weather out here. Montreal is PMSing worse than a poser punk rock group right now, but I looove it! The days are gorgeous and I am slowly but surely turning into a leathery old lobster. Tres, tres chic! I hope you are all enjoying very fine weather. Soak up the sun! #cherylcrow

So this week was ever so hectic, but I've totally got my groove on again. Last P-Day was SUCH A FUN DAY! Seeing as P-Day has now become a "girls only" club, Sister Foniciello and I decided to shed some Nutella and hike Mont Royal with a couple of my favorite chicas on the mission. Oh my, it was GORGEOUS! I desperately needed to be out in nature for a change after this long winter. Montreal is seriously the coolest. Who can say "let's go downtown for a hike?" In the middle of the city? Montreal is my place, I tell you. I miss my canyons and mountains like you wouldn't believe, but Montreal hasn't let me down just yet. After the hike I was able to see my favorite cousin Joe and his girlfriend. (Sorry cousins, maybe if you come to Montreal and take me to get Vietnamese food you can be added to the favorites list too.) It was seriously CRAZY to see someone I knew from my former life! Definitely brought me to tears, but let's not talk about what a huge baby I've become on my mission. Anyway. It was tons of fun, so SHOUT OUT to Joe and Priscilla for showing my companion and me a good time in Montreal!

Things got a little sad later in the week as I said farewell to my little fledgling Sister Foniciello. I'm going to miss my honey bunches baby cakes, but she has amazing things in store for her in Quebec! My new little greenie is Sister Varela from Riverton, UT, and she is absolutely phenomenal! Ha, she's probably teaching me more than I'm teaching her. I am so blessed! I took her for her first poutine this week, so she is now fully initiated into the CMM. I also took her for her first metro contacting experience soon after, and I would say it went quite well. We were talking to these adorable Chinese girls about sushi... I mean.. about the gospel... in the metro, and what do you think happened? No, they didn't agree to come to church. But! This girl just reaches into her bag and gives us a whole tray of sushi! Like, seriously? Who does that? And on the metro, no less. So not going to lie, I'd say my companion had a fabulous first day here in Montreal. 

Yesterday I had a creeper-ific experience at church. Some elders in the ward have a new investigator that really digs sister missionaries. He's quite the character, and quite too middle-aged for me as well. However, he was bold enough to ask me if I had a fiancé waiting for me back home, to which I was like, "Uhhh... should I lie and say that I do just so we can end this awkward conversation before it gets started?" But of course I told the truth, because, well, I'm a missionary. And then he started talking about how he would love to date me if he ever joined the church, that he already had five kids but that he wanted to start over and have a new family with a young wife. And I was like... "That's okay. I'd rather live in a cat infested shack. Thanks though!" Ha ha. Too, too funny. I love when awkward stuff like that happens.

Well, I hope everyone had a great week! We are killing it out here and working our bootays off! Seriously, my new companion is tons of fun. I'm excited to see what the next few weeks bring! We're just bible bashing around with TJs (Jehovah's Witnesses) and loving every minute in this crazy town! Also, SHOUT OUT to my girl Stiners! I hope your birthday was fabulous! You are so, so loved. I hope you're reading this... but if not, someone tell her HAPPY 20th for me! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing so great! Peace and blessing to you all! Enjoy the spring. Big loves and big kisses! 


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