Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Apocalypse

Hello, loved ones! How is everybody doing? I'm missing you all terribly over here in rainy Montreal. This week felt like the end of days. There was an earthquake that I'm going to claim I could feel, and as a result the water supply for the whole city was tainted. I'm blaming the Mafia though and not some tiny earthquake for the fact that I had to pay two dollars for the last bottle of crappy Dasani water at the store. Oh well, at least I survived! Anyway, I hope everyone has a pleasant Memorial Day! I'm sad I can't visit graves with family today, but I'm thinking of you all. To start things off, I would just like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Grammy Nelson for sending me the most delightful package! It's a good thing I don't have a car out here, because I'm pretty sure I ate ten pounds of candy this weekend. Oh well, c'est la vie! Nevertheless, THANK YOU! Also, SHOUT OUT to my favorite Aunt Shannon for sending me my FAVE cereal! Sweet heavens. My companion was like, "Candy, for breakfast?" And I was like, "It's not candy, it's Reese's Puff Cereal!" Ha ha, je l'aime! Childhood flashbacks abounded this week. I literally cried tears of joy I was so happy. So THANK YOU! I feel so loved this week. 

So my life is pretty much crazy right now. Ha ha I don't think you would belieb half the things that happen to me out here. And to be honest, you would probably fear for my safety if I divulged some of the creepy encounters I've had, but I'll tell you some of my favorites. My number one was getting serenaded in the metros by a filthy homeless man on crack. He says to me, "Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?" And I was like, "No, never." And then he just jumps up and yells, "WHAT?!" screams a few profanities, and then proceeds to sing, "You... are.. so beautiful.... to meeee!" I cannot even begin to tell you how happy and embarrassed that made me. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me WAY too close. I was like... "Uhhh... I have to get off at this stop... and he's like, "Not before I give you a kiss!" Aaaand before any of you start to worry, he kissed my hand and let me free. So fabulous. That day I was grateful for hand sanitizer, to be sure. 

Last night we found another gem. Compy and I were out street contacting when we ran into a friendly Jewish man. He just kept saying, "Wow, you girls sure are beautiful. Why don't you have boyfriends?" And I was thinking, "Aside from the fact that I'm like the ICE QUEEN of the universe and a bra burning feminist, that's a very good question." LOL. He's going to set me up with his 30 year old son who's a lawyer. I kid you not, this offer was legit. He showed me pics and everything. I'm seriously STOKED! He told us we would make terrific wives. My eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that I thought they would get stuck there. Still, every Mormon girl's DREAM is to hear that, so I feel fulfilled. Ha ha in all honesty, I really did find this old man quite charming. At least he wasn't yelling profanities at us or telling us we were brain washed, schizophrenic, Bible hugging Jehovah's Witnesses (all of which I heard this week), so I'm totally game to marry his man treat Jewish lawyer son. 

This week was so, so great! We had the CUTEST girl from the Chinese branch serve with us as a mini missionary for four days. Such a gem! She made us sushi and bought us Chinese food from a sketch Chinese restaurant by our house. We were in heaven! I wouldn't mind keeping her around. ;) We also got to take her to zone conference this week, which to a missionary is seriously better than Christmas. In the morning Sister Cannon met us all for breakfast at a charming cafe. We're pretty decadent here in the CMM. :) I ordered the most heavenly raspberry sorbet. And you know me, I just loooove eating sorbet. Needless to say, zone conference was paradise for Sister Cutler. I got to make up for a month of elderless P-Days and flirt to my heart's content, so I'd say it was a success. Oh yeah, and the trainings were pretty great too. ;)

We had a challenging week, often getting caught in the rain, but coming home drenched, exhausted, and sketched out by metro urchans telling you that they're Jesus makes you feel like a true missionary. We had so many tender mercies this week though, so I feel truly blessed. Yesterday my favorite French family in the ward invited us over for Sunday gauffres, so I had my fill of Nutella and happy French chatter that I could only understand when their sweet girls said, "One Direction" or "Zane" or "Justin Bieber."

So far V-Day has been FABULOUS! Sister Varella and I went to walk around Old Montreal and Old Port today. The sun is finally out and I got to get my tourist on! We got maple ice cream and had a ball taking pictures. Now we're going to go home and hopefully do some much needed relaxing. I love you all SOOOOO much! I hope everyone is having a glorious day! Enjoy summer/spring/whatever you're having! Big hugs!


Sister Syl

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