Monday, October 14, 2013


Hello, hello! How on earth is everybody doing? Enjoying your fall weather. I certainly am NOT! It's getting waaaay too cold out here for my liking. But I'll manage! It's going to be a long winter ha ha. In any case, I hope you are all finding ways to keep warm.. and enjoying the beautiful, cold, rainy season. What are you all going to be for Halloween? I expect pics! Send them my way, you little cuties. 

This week was just OUT OF CONTROL! Well, most of the week was incredibly slow. On Thursdaywe were visiting our favorite family from Cote d'Ivoire. Our investigators mom had her cute little baby! So we were sitting there just gazing at that little piece of perfection, when suddenly the mom turns to me and asks if I wanted to hold her. I had to do my best to explain our mission rule that we can't hold babies, even precious, adorable, perfect little newborns. Then she says, "Well, you didn't say anything about catching them!" And this woman practically threw her baby into my arms! So out of love I HAD to "catch" the baby and hold that glorious little angel for a time... Sigh.... so tender. I miss holding babies. It reminds me of the time I was interning in the Newborn ICU and Labor and Delivery. New life is seriously so precious. 

Alright, now onto the drama. Eveything was going smooth and uneventful when... BAM! Transfer call night hit! We had already decided that I would be leaving for Ottawa and that Sister Rios would stay in Quebec City. OR that we would be staying together for yet another transfer. Oh, contraire, mon frere. Oh, contraire! The biggest shock of our lives came to us. Sister Rios is leaving! :( And Sister Cutler.... drum roll.... is... receiving her FIFTH baby!!! Yes, you heard correctly. I'm training. Again. There are only four new sisters coming in, the lowest yet, and yours truly is going to continue doing what she does best... ha ha. My old district leader thinks that might be a new record. I just say, "Welcome!" to all the little ones they want to send my way. My goodness. You would think I've corrupted enough sister missionaries at this point! I'm excited to be training and staying in Quebec City (aka the best ward and best area and best everything in this entire mission), but I wasn't expecting to leave my Sister Rios. Transfers are always incredibly bittersweet.

After we received the news, we spent the rest of the week binging. In case you clueless Americans didn't know, it's Thanksgiving here in the Great White North! Which means that I have eaten more than I care to admit. On Sunday we went to TWO Thanksgiving dinners. One with our awesome vegan investigator, where I ate vegan delights, and the other with a slew of missionaries from our district and the Ste Foy district. The best! With my favorite family, the Blouins. It was seriously just one party after the other yesterday, and I'm getting fat, fat, fat! As usual. This morning we had Thanksgiving waffles at our Relief Society President's house (delicious), this afternoon we got pedicures from my favorite Haitian princess Flore, and now we're gearing up for another TWO Thanksgiving dinners tonight! One as a combined Thanksgiving with the Worner family and the Torres family as a farewell to Sister Rios, and then another Thanksgiving with our dear old friend Lucie. It's going to be insane! Pray for my new greenie to be a health freak. I need to fit into my coat this winter!

Well, that's the run-down on my week! I will let you all know how the transfer goes. I hope everyone is doing just fabulous and that all is well in the states! Happy action de grace everybody! Keep on keeping it real. Also. SHOUT OUT.... of ALLLLLL SHOUT OUTS... to my one and only ELLIE PARKER!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet! I hope my foxiest mama of P-town had a FABULOUS day! Big birthday loves and hugs coming all the way to you! I love you, baby girl! You deserved nothing but a magical birthday! Well, I hope you are all well! I've got to get going! Love you all and miss you terribly!!!


Soeur Cutler

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