Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to ... ME!!!

Hello to my beautiful, amazing, foxy family and friends! I just need to start off this letter by letting everyone know just how much I LOVE you all! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and good vibes coming my way today. It has been such a great birthday so far! Still plenty of fun things ahead. Now that I'm legal I'm taking my greenie to club it up, maybe call up some of the French Canadian honeys I contacted into on the streets last week... It's going to be a PAR-TAY! Ha ha just kiddin. ;) We're keeping it PG here for my 21st. I promise I won't get into too much trouble...

This week was fab! The Great White North is slowly turning into a colorful, peaceful, CHILLY wonderland of autumn and beards, piping hot poutine and Tim Horton's hot chocolate and donuts. Fall is here! I'm feeling pretty blessed that I get to spend my birthday in the beautiful city of Quebec with the most amazing people. My peeps in the Quebec ward have been pulling out all the stops for me on my special day! To all of you wishing you could give me a birthday phone call today, my lovely ward family has been taking care of me on that end. No worries. :) But still, I'm missing everyone back home SO MUCH on my special day. I wish we could all be celebrating with crêpe parties, Pocahontas sing-a-longs, hiking, autumn drives, disco-tequing, nude leotard fests, and dare I say... *clubbing* .... haha but that will all have to wait until next year! For now I am content to spend my 21st year serving the Lord, spreading light and love to all of his children here in La Belle Province. It's probably a good thing that I'm a missionary for my 21st birthday... who KNOWS what kind of trouble I would be getting into today if I didn't have this missionary tag on!

Today has been pretty great so far! I made birthday pancakes for my companion... oh, and me... lol. So that was fun! Then we went on a little shopping spree, and now I'm basking in birthday love and emails until we leave to visit Montmorency Falls this afternoon with the District! I have the elders at my beck and call today... ha ha okay, not really. They just love/are scared of me enough to do whatever P-Day activity I want. So hiking it is! Then later tonight I'm going to the Relief Society President's house for dinner (she is seriously amazing), and after that we'll see where the wind takes me! Painting with all the colors of the wind today. My B-Day P-Day (haha y'all are so clever) is going to be fabulous, to say the least. :) In case any of you were worried, I still know how to have a good time, EVEN on the mission!

Anyway, enough about me and how lucky you all are that I was born. On to more awful things. This week we went to chill with Sister Foniciello all day because her companion was getting transferred. We were invited to eat lunch at this lady's house, and I think I can officially say that I've encountered my first horror with mission food. I'm not lying when I say that this lady made us omelettes with a dozen eggs each! AT LEAST! Stuffed with mushrooms, bacon, peppers, four cheeses and onions onions onions! Allllll burned to a CRISP! I was in AGONY! And poor Sister Rios... oh my. Poor Sister Rios. This woman would NOT let her stop eating it, even after she started gagging. Ha ha. Too, too funny. Afterward they brought us out half a cantalope each. Also not exaggerating. We managed to survive, but my sweet little companion was horrendously sick the rest of the day. Tooooo awful!  I never want to live through something like that again.

In other news, our new investigator is doing so great! We had three amazing lessons with him this week. He is just a rockstar. He wanted a drawing of the plan of salvation because he's going to teach it to his coworkers this week. Seriously, this guy is just a walking miracle. The bad news of this week though is that our perfect Quebec ward got SPLIT! I am in emotional turmoil over this. ALL of my favorite families are leaving me!!! Okay, not ALL, but so many people that I love to pieces. (cough cough Roxane... because I know she's reading this). ;) No really though, it was a tragic day for everyone. It reminded me of the time that our ward got separated, and how earth shattering that was.

Well, that's all I have for you today. I will for sure be updating you next week on all of my awesome birthday adventures! The day is just getting started. :) No, birthday WEEK is just getting started! I still have plenty of partying to do over the next couple of days. Also, before I forget, I hope you all survived the flood of the century!!! That is nuts. Also, one other thing, SHOUT OUT to everyone who has sent so much birthday love my way! I have the best friends and family in the world. :) Also. BIGGEST SHOUT OUT IN THE HISTORY OF SHOUT OUTS for my main squeeze Ellie Parker for bombarding me with SOOOOOO much birthday love this morning! I was weeping tears of joy. Literally. And then I saw my chica shirt and weeped some more... HA HA! My birthday is complete. But really. I am so, so, so, blessed to have so much support from loved ones! You all rock!

Keep on doing your thang! May the good Lord bless you for making my birthday so special. Peace and love! Smooches galore! Loving and missing you all more than my heart can bear!



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