Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall is Bringing Sexy Back!

Why, HELLO! To my adorable family and friends. :) I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous month of September! Fall is definitely setting in and bringing so much joy and peace to my soul. I've never felt so good bringing out my scarves and sweaters, sprucing up the mission outfits that I am getting soooo sick of! Ha ha but fall fashion is changing up my image a bit, so I'm welcoming the chilly weather for now. Thank you again to everyone for the best birthday wishes ever! It was quite a special birthday week. Plenty to say on the matter, so buckle up!

Let's start with my birthday afternoon. I was able to coax all of the elders and the other team of sisters into driving out to Montmorency Falls with me so that I could enjoy some time in nature for my special day. It was HEAVENLY! I can't even tell you all how much I miss hiking. The hike up to the falls was absolutely majestic, with fall colors beginning to set in gradually, wild sumacs everywhere. We were all laughing and having a grand old time, when suddenly I hear Soeur Rios scream, "HEY, EVERYBODY!" Not characteristic for her to want to draw large crowds around her, so I was mildly confused why she was yelling. Suddenly I see Soeur Bourdon ON THE GROUND at her feet! I thought she was dead! She wasn't dead, but ALMOST dead! This poor sister passed out! So Elder Garrett and I went rushing over to her, and I turned her aroud to lay flat. So a couple years ago in high school I took this Med Tech class and was apparently CPR Certified against someone's better judgment... Elder Garrett is fresh out of high school and took an EMT class, also CPR certified. Well, we're just sitting there chilling like villains, neither one of us sure who should give her CPR. I was like, "Uhhh... Sister Bourdon's going to be sketched out by me for the rest of my mission if she wakes up and thinks I'm kissing her." And poor Elder Garrett is an 18 year old little boy and probably hasn't kissed someone since his senior prom. Ha ha SOOOOO lame, but we were freaking out because neither one of us wanted to do mouth to mouth! Well, miracle of miracles, she woke up after a minute, but her face was turning blue and I just sat there rubbing her legs hoping to get circulation going. A bunch of idiots, obviously. But she survived! The poor thing was so disoriented. Naturally the ZLs called up President, who told us to march straight back down the trail for fear of her safety, so my birthday adventure was cut short. Still! It made for such a great story!

On Tuesday we had another run in with disaster. Our 85 year old eternigator Lucie invited us over to celebrate my 21st birthday. This woman will go down in history as my favorite investigator from the Canada Montreal Mission. Seriously, I love her to pieces. She believes in a tradition that on a woman's 21st birthday, she is to be given a key. That key is her key to happiness, and if she loses it, well, in Lucie's opinion, her life is basically over. So she threw me a 21st birthday party! And she gave me a key! And about a ZILLION Avon products! Ha ha INCLUDING Advanced Wrinkle Cream. Lucie insists that I have wrinkles between my eyes, but I beg to differ. Anyway, the present was fitting seeing as I'm so OLD now. Anyway, Lucie went ALL OUT! Balloons, confetti, sparklers, everything. Well, she had this extravagent idea to put 21 candles and a bunch of sparklers on my cheesecake. And she was DETERMINED to light them all. As you start getting up there in numbers, the more of a fire hazard your birthday cake becomes. So what happened as she lit the sparklers was NO surprise. The whole cake went up in flames! And Lucie just sat there cackling as I tried to blow it out, only making it worse! The fire alarms were blasting, and I was in sheer panic! Ha ha Lucie just laughed her fanny off. We finally put out the fire, but I'll tell you, it was a birthday unlike any other. I'll definitely be sending pictures of all the mahem.

Birthday week really was a smashing success! On Wednesday my district leader had everyone go around and pay me two compliments. And would you believe it, those elders did not have ONE thing to say about my character! Ha ha okay, a couple of them did. But mostly they just said stuff about how white and straight my teeth were or that I spoke really clearly or that I had all of this grace about me. ??? Okay. Elders are elders. Ha ha it was still nice to be complimented! On Saturday my other favorite investigators invited me over for dinner before our lesson. They bought us more bonbons and cakes from the bakery than we knew what to do with. We were still finishing a rather large pink birthday cake that my Relief Society President had made me for my birthday dinner, so Sister Rios and I are going to be rolling through the airport like balloons when we come home. Ha ha seriously, I'm hiding my scale for at least a month. I need time to recover from the birthday feasting! But really, this week was just fabulous. Our new investigator is doing so well, despite some set backs after finding some anti-Mormon material and what not. Hate when that happens. But things are going SO great in the CMM! Just loving every minute out here in my little Quebec City. :)

That's about all for now! I know it sounds like all I do is party, but we really are working so hard and having such a great time along the way! I love being a missionary more than anything in the world. The gospel is true! Missions are true! Serving our brothas and sistas is the only thing that brings true joy. I testify that that is the TRUTH!  Well, I better run. BUT! I love you all so very, very much and miss everyone like crazy! To that I also testify. Have a glorious week! Take care of yourselves! Bisou bisou!


Soeur Cutler

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