Monday, March 11, 2013

Fat and Happy

Greetings, loved ones! 

I hope everyone is doing as great as I am. Whether you're CTRing or DTRing, just remember that I'm very far away from y'all and would LOVE to be thought of once in awhile. Once a diva, always a diva, I suppose! I guess the mission hasn't changed me too much. I still yearn to be the center of attention even when I'm this far away, so just take some time out of your day to drop me a line. Also, SHOUT OUT to all of my sista friends who sent me letters this week! You have no idea how incredible your timing was, so thank you! All of you! The Canadian post will be giving you my letters in the next few years, so be on the look out! If you want to send me a letter, use the address to the mission office on my blog. The other sisters in my apartment frequent the  mission office quite regularly, so I PROMISE this is the best way to send me mail if you feel so inclined. 

More importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mama bear! I hope it was a wonderful birthday week. I sent a card forever ago, but knowing the mail system here you probably haven't gotten it yet. Just know that I thought about you ALL week and that I love you so very, very much! Seriously, the best and foxiest mom in the entire world. I LOVE YOU! I can't wait till I'm home again and we can cuddle in bed on a rainy afternoon and watch Lifetime movies or the Hallmark Channel. Aaah. The best. 

I think I am transitioning well into the life of a missionary! This week was definitely full of breakthroughs. For example, I was bopping around our apartment this week to EFY music and suddenly I realized... I... enjoyed it? Oh gosh, I can't believe I'm admitting that. I think it's safe to say that the transformation is now complete. I'm pretty sure I even forgot my first name. So props to me for being a true sister missionary! At least my companion is cool enough to keep me from going full on frumpster missionary. This week we've been rapping the Fresh Prince of BelAir theme song in times of need. Sooo re"fresh"ing. Ha ha  ... blagues. That reminds me... if anyone wants to send me the lyrics for our amusement, that would be a blessed, blessed thing.

This week was exceptional! Sister Cantu and I realized that when we wear our polygamist skirts we get more legitimate investigators, so I think everything is falling into place! The trick is for me to wear a flirty, borderline knee length skirt and for Sister Cantu to wear an ankle length skirt (or vice versa). Seriously, BRILLIANT! 

We had so many miracles this week. Our investigators are really cool people, and I'm learning a lot from them. Yesterday we had a lesson with a single mother from the Phillipines. We were all crying during the lesson because she has the most amazing spirit. She even served us dinner! Seriously, who does that? Oh yeah, Phillipinos. I am incredibly jealous of anyone serving in the Phillipines. They are by far the kindest people I have met out here. This woman was so generous and sincere. I really am meeting some of the most amazing people! Last night we also visited a Haitian family in the ward, and what did they do? Yep, they fed us Haitian food, and it was insanely good. You guys, I am getting sooooo fat out here. I have like, NO chance of getting married when I get back. Oh well, c'est la vie! I enjoy my Nutella way more anyway. We also went to Wendy's because I desperately needed a Michael Jackson frosty (half vanilla, half chocolate) and fries. My companion watched as I held back tears because it reminded me so much of late night Wendy's runs with my sweet broseph Daniel. Aaaah, I miss you guys so much that even food brings me to tears!

This week was also a week of celebrations! We went out contacting with a member and had ice cream and pizza to celebrate Mom's birthday, my companion's way belated birthday and my half birthday! So fun. Before you all get the idea that I'm just waddling around Montreal from one dinner appointment to the next, we really are working so hard out here and having the most amazing time! I love how diverse it is here. It's like I'm serving a mission in fifty different countries! Montreal is a beautiful and vibrant city. My French is improving each day and my anxiety is quickly diminishing. Missions are challenging, but so, so wonderful!

We are trying our best not to flirt to convert. This week one of our on and off again investigators gave us a referral, and we were waaaay excited. So Sister Cantu calls the guy and sets up an appointment to meet at Tim Horton's. Like fifty zillion times she tells him our purpose as missionaries. The whole time he keeps saying, "Unbelievable..." and Sister Cantu is like, "Yeah, I know! It is unbelievable!" She thought he meant that it was unbelievable that the missionaries had finally found him, but I knew differently. Two minutes after hanging up the phone we get this text: "Hey, you sound sweet. Do you want to go on a date hunnn?" Ha ha ha blehhh. Unbelievable. I guess we can get dates over the phone as well. The Nutella diet is going to be useless for us if our voices are still appealing! Meh, whatever. I'm still sticking to the Nutella diet and hoping for the best.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Make good choices and go eat a frosty in my honor. I love you all and miss you more than I can bear! Bisou bisou! Take care! 

Sister Syl

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