Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best Dating Pool Ever

Hello from the great white north! I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. Every single day I am grateful for spandex out here. Hmmm... well, not so much when the Montreal girls prance around town in nothing BUT spandex, but nevertheless, I am grateful. It's a weird trend they have going on up here. I mean, I know I look fabulous in my spandex, but we can't all have ballerina bods. Aaaand that is all I will say about that. ANYWAY.

This week was fabulous! I absolutely love being a missionary. I probably owe a lot of my happiness to the fact that I Thave the best companion known to man, but really, missionary work brings me the most incredible joy. This past few days we had the chance to meet with some less actives in the ward. I absolutely love the women we met with. Montreal is just a giant melting pot of cultures and personalities. I've met the most amazing women with the most fascinating backgrounds. There is definitely a reason for me to be in this mission and not somewhere else. Sister Cantu and I are the first sister missionaries that the Montreal ward has had in years, which means that the less active single women are more willing to visit with us and open up to us. This is why we need more sister missionaries! Elders are wonderful, but they can only do so much. I am so excited for the sea of sister missionaries that are about to enter the field. There are people who need sisters, who have been waiting for that type of connection for a long time. The women that we visited expressed to us that though the visits from elders were nice, they had really needed another woman to open up to and confide in. You have no idea how incredible that makes me feel! Basically what I am trying to say is that there are women who NEED sister missionaries all over the world. Missions are difficult, but it is SO worth it. SISTER POWER!

Okay, I just had to get that motivational speech off my chest. Now, onto the juicy details of my week. The boys back in Provo have a thing or two to learn from the men in Montreal. I have had more date offers in one week here than I have probably ever gotten back in P-town. I wish I was kidding, but it's true. I don't know what it is, but the Muslim guys love me. We have to differentiate between boyfriends and actual investigators, because so many guys are interested in dating us. Seriously, we need to be plagued with some temporary ugliness while we're here. My favorite boy of the week was Mohammed. Mohammed was waaaaay into me. I thought he was really interested in the gospel when we talked to him on the metro, but it turns out he had other plans. He asked us out on a date this Friday to a bar in Old Montreal, but sadly I had to turn him down. It really was sad, because he was very cute. I thought that flirt to convert was going to be my motto out here, but I really need to change my metro contacting tactics. We have met way too many sketchy dudes this week. Oh well. At least it's a great self-esteem boost!

My fave thing to do out here is porte à porte, or in non-French Canadian, door to door. It is ALMOST as exciting as trick-or-treating. Mostly we get a whole lot of tricks, but this week we found the most amazing investigator! She is from St. Vincent. I was starting to get discouraged because we kept getting set up on blind dates instead of actual teaching appointments, but she was completely different. I even committed her to be baptized! Ha ha so, so scary. Missions are hard. But she said yes! So hopefully our lessons will go well with her. She really, really loved us. The people here do bizarre things though, so tomorrow she might hate us. Oh well. At least I feel like I'm making break throughs!

The highlight of my week was meeting an eighteen year old couple in our ward. They have the most beautiful little baby on the planet. We were looking through the dictionary to find words to describe how beautiful their baby is, but it's just impossible to do. I think the hardest mission rule for me to follow is the rule against holding babies. Ugh. Seriously, who thought of that?! The temptation has been so strong to break that rule. Anyway, the dad is really funny. A true French Canadian that looks like Justin Bieber's doppelganger. SOOO bizarre. Anyway, we had a dinner appointment with them last night and he asked me the most bizarre questions. My absolute favorite was this. "So... I have an awkward question..." and I'm just thinking, "OH great... what is he going to ask me this time?" And he says, "Are you guys like... allowed to shave your legs?" I nearly DIED. Ha ha if that was a mission rule, I would be the QUEEN of keeping it. Probably the only one I would have an easy time keeping... "Funny story. I actually never shave my legs. Like ever. It's just one of my personal beliefs. But no, shaving your legs is encouraged as a missionary. Next question, please." Ha ha so hilarious. Little Biebs makes me so uncomfortable sometimes. They are so fun to visit with though because they're practically my age, which makes missionary visits feel more like a hang out than anything else. Don't worry, we throw in a scripture every time we go. The people in my ward are the greatest. I have loved every minute with this crew!

Montreal is absolutely gorgeous, even with all of the snow. The hipster kids back in Provo would seriously throw up rainbows if they saw how many ghetto fabulous places there were to take pictures with their Nikons. Oh my. I am seriously in heaven. Today we are going to go to St. Joseph's Cathedral, so I am going to do my best to channel my inner hipster today. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! If you miss me feel free to write me a letter. I am definitely craving some drama in my life. I love you all and miss you so much! Take care! BISES!



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