Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sista Sista

Hey, cuties! How are you all doing?! I feel like you're all so close and yet so far. Just a couple more weeks and I'll be seeing you! It's weird to think that I'm definitely on the final stretch. Younger missionaries have this love of reminding me that I'm about to go home. I remember when I used to do that to departing missionaries. Man, now I feel like a jerk! They don't realize how awful it is to ask an old sista what music she's going to listen to get back or the first movie she's going to watch. Enough is enough! I'm just trying to enjoy the moment here! Well, in any case, get that Frozen movie in the DVD player and blast me some Joni Mitchell and the Sounds! I have my trunky moments.

This week was fabulous! We had a lot of fun events and sweet moments. This week we did two exchanges. Sister Berry and I served our last split together, and it was ohhhh so much fun. We had a very Russian themed day. We finally were able to take one of the Ukrainian members of our ward to Marina's house! They just talked and talked and talked in a language that for the life of me I will never be able to understand. It went incredibly well, and it was super helpful to have someone who knew how to explain gospel terms in Russian. The night before when we were confirming our appointment with Marina, she told us she had this strange dream that a little girl was going to come to her house and surprise her. She took that to mean that it must have been her subconscious preparing her for Sister Tulieva to come. Well, that morning we were confirming the appointment with Sister Tulieva, and she asked if she could bring her little six year old daughter. Surprise! We had no knowledge of this! Marina is totally psychic, and all this event did was confirm to her her inner-spiritual-energy-universe-readingness. Ha ha. It was an amazing visit though! She shared with Sister Tulieva that ever since Sister Orozco and I met her she has had the spirit back in her life, that she has something to live for and that her whole world is filled with color and happiness again. Now all she needs to do is come to church and see that she has a whole family of spiritual people waiting for her!

On Wednesday we taught the Law of Chastity to our returning member Karen, which is always a great experience. She has taught me a lot about how to scare away men with baseball bats and vicious verbal threats. Ha ha. She really has the best stories. I'm going to miss this woman TERRIBLY when I have to leave this place. Well, I'll miss everyone terribly, but especially her.

On Thursday I went to the east end of Montreal on the opposite end of the green line for exchanges! I flirt-contacted this beautiful man named Remy on the metros, and it saddened me to realize that I have just one more time to go into the metros and flirt to convert. I've got to make this last one count! I love talking with people in the metros. You meet the most fascinating people and have the funniest encounters. :( No more Muslim men giving me their numbers. Not sure how I'm going to feel about losing that added boost to my self-esteem. Anyway, exchanges were great! Sister Ferguson and I taught the most AMAZING golden investigator I have ever met my whole mission. His name is Peter and he is determined to become a Mormon. He just looks at us and says, "I'm going to do everything in my power to become a Mormon. I want to be with you people." Aaah! He was so cool. He asked us if there were any single Mormon moms that could use a husband... and then it got awkward. Ha ha but he is so golden. I'm super glad I had the chance to meet him. We also taught their recent convert Bryan, who is literally the coolest guy ever. He played "Let it Be" for us on his guitar, and my oh my. This man sings like an angel. He plays the guitar in the metro for a living! How cool is that? I had a super fun, exciting, fulfilling day filled with super cool people.

This Saturday we got to go to Laval for a baptism! One of Sister Orozco's investigators from back in the day got baptized, so we got to go on a little road trip with the Cornwall sisters! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful baptism. She was the niece of one of Sister Orozco's AMAZING converts. It was fun to meet all of the people that Sister Orozco blessed in Laval, but it made me super jealous that I wouldn't get to return to Quebec City before the end of my mission. :( After the baptism I was standing in a circle of four elders just chatting, and all of the sisters made fun of me because they think I'm preparing for when I have to go back home and flirt with all of these guys. They're just like, "Daaaaaang! Sister Cutler! You can't wait two more weeks to flirt with all of these men?!" And I literally wanted to singe all of their eyebrows off with the fierceness of my death glare. I can't help it that all the elders love me! It's not my fault! Ha ha. If only you all heard what my conversations were like with said elders, you would know that all I know how to talk about now is the gospel and spreading the good word. Lol. The Cornwall sisters stayed for a sleepover, we played some ridiculous future-telling card game that in my opinion is like Mormon-marriage tarot card reading, and then we went to bed waaaaaay too late. But it was such a fun week! I'm cherishing every blessed moment out here. I literally cannot believe that I'll be seeing everyone back home in about two weeks. Life is flying by!

Alright. Now. Before I forget, there was another special event that happened last week..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful, sensational, inspiring, hilarious, hypnotic, mysterious, sultry, fabulous, wonderful best friend in the world! Happy Birthday to my sweet Vanessa Hope! I hope it was a magnificent day, and I hope you did your 21st right!!!!!!! Rain check on all the REAL partying though, because I need to be there!!! Just wanted to let the world know how much I love and adore this girl. We made cupcakes for her birthday and gave them to a beautiful Brazilian man in our ward haha. I thought she would like that. Anyway, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, my lover! I miss you terribly! But not for long. :)

Well, that was the week that was! I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you're still enjoying your beautiful summer months. Pray for me! I'm still not home yet and I still need your love! Ha ha. I miss you all more than I can bear. The closer I get to coming home the farther away it seems. No bueno. Can't wait to be back in your arms! But until then, I love you all to the moon and back! Bisou bisou! BYE!


Soeur Cutler

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