Thursday, July 17, 2014

Outlaw Sister

Hello, beautiful family and friends! Do you miss me? You better all be going CRAZY with anticipation that I'm coming home so soon! News flash... my mom just informed me that I'm giving my homecoming talk on August 10th, so y'all BETTER be there! I have no idea what time though... ask my mom. But yes, make sure you're at MY homecoming and no one else's. That's all I have to say. 

Well, this week was glorious! Nothing overwhelming or crazy happened, which was a nice break for my psyche. I'll tell you what. This mission has been one big roller coaster! But obviously I have loved every single dang minute of it. SERIOUSLY. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself when it's over. NO idea. Uh.... lock myself in my room for a few days and cry? Facebook stalk everyone? Let my eyebrows grow back (I did it again....) Hm. We'll see what becomes of me. I can already feel the awkward RMness oozing from me, and I haven't even set foot in the airport yet. Just love the awkwardness away, okay? I'm not ready for this!

Which is why I still have a little more than three weeks left.... thank heavens! So this week was GREAT! What to say? Well, I went on exchanges with Sister Jordan again. We had a blast, talking talking talking till the break of dawn and hearing disturbing stories about Warren Jeffs. Ha ha. Our returning member Karen came across a movie about Warren Jeffs this week and thinks that he looks IDENTICAL to our ward mission leader. We then spent the next hour talking about the "Outlaw Prophet" and his uncanny similarity to the brother in our ward. We went to his house on Tuesday and told him, and guess what... he looks nothing like him. Ha ha. Okay, maybe a little. Anyway, that was the story of exchanges. Good times.

On Friday we had a Relief Society activity, and our less active member that I've been working with my ENTIRE time in LaSalle FINALLY set foot in the chapel since I got here! It was truly a miracle. She also came to a baptism on Saturday and then to church on Sunday! I prayed that I would be able to see her at church just once before I left, and I ended up seeing her there three times in a row! Blessings! The activity was a riot though. We ran around the chapel like a bunch of hooligans playing some sort of scavenger hunt game, all the sisters throwing elbows and relief society arms at each other to get to the prize. Hahaha. It was one great mess. I got a nasty cut on my leg during all of the mayhem. I learned that adults are no worse than children when it comes to that competitive spirit.

On Saturday there were three baptisms in our ward. One was of the sweetest 8 year old girl and then two boys that are the sons of one of the recent converts in LaSalle. It was such a special day! I slaved in the kitchen preparing wings and chicken nuggets and then I sang a special musical number with the former Sister May. It was heavenly! The son-in-law of our investigator bore his testimony while the kids were changing into dry clothes, and we were all bawling our eyes out, especially his mother-in-law. It has been amazing to watch her grow and literally shine as she has been living and learning about the gospel. It just reaffirmed to me that the gospel truly changes lives, that the power of the atonement is real, and that God has a plan for each of us. This woman is remarkable. Teaching her has truly been one of the greatest blessings of my mission. 

Today we went bowling with a bunch of missionaries in the Riv Sud. Yeah... definitely not my area... but we were with the two sisters in our district, so that's technically allowed. Meh. What are they going to do? Send me home? ;) Ha ha. It was super fun! I got four strikes! Not in a row though. But still. Be proud! It just got me excited for all of the bowling I'm going to be doing on all of those dates that I know are just waiting for me when I get back. Ha ha kidding. Dates=0. You're about to see how truly awkward I am. At the baptism on Saturday this woman not of our faith was trying to set me up with Elder C, my district leader. She kept walking over to him and telling him that he needs to keep his eye out for me and no one else. Ugh... hmmm... yeah. As much as I love being a cougar, I would prefer it if these elders didn't get any ideas. 

Well, that's the week that was. I really honestly don't know what to say because I'm saving all of my good stories for when I get home. And trust me, there will be plenty. But until then, have a beautiful, glorious, magnificent summer week! I love you all bundles! And I miss everyone quite terribly. It's strange. The closer I get to seeing you all, the more I miss you! Hang in there! I'm keeping my eye single to the glory for the next few weeks! Smooches and hugs!



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