Monday, March 10, 2014

From Impoverished to Posh

Hello, my lovelies! How is everyone out there? Has spring hit yet? I don't know about you, but we just got another nice little dusting of snow. Gotta love Canada! Grrr and brrrr... I'm really tired of this winter. If I have to endure one more snow storm or eat one more flippin granola bar for dinner, I'm going to LOSE IT! But let's be positive her. This week was exceptional! I'm enjoying my time out here so much and am realizing that I have so little time left. So let me give you the run-down on the week that was!

On Monday we played human fooz-ball with our whole zone, which was fun except for the fact that my companion wouldn't let us wear pants. But then all the other sisters showed up in pants, and my companion ended up ripping her pencil skirt all the way up to her back. Haha. FUNNY! We ran over to another sister's apartment and changed, but my goodness. How embarrassing. I really hate playing sports, but this activity was actually pretty fun. Later that night we started exchanges with Cornwall sisters, aka, Sister Rios and I got to get back together for a day of FUN! And it was fun. We chatted about old times and *gossiped*.... positively.... I love that girl! She's training a new missionary now. My little baby is growing up! It was fun to see how much she has changed in the past few transfers.

On Wednesday, Mom's big 5-0!!! we received the best birthday present ever in honor of her... A NEW CAR!!!! It's a 2014 Trax from Ford. Missionaries in an SUV? Say WHAT?And my goodness, it is such a beaut! We've been driving around in STYLE this week! All of the other missionaries are green with envy, but I say we deserve it after having our old little Subaru break down like, 5,000 times in the past two months. We are so ridiculously spoiled. It has blue-tooth and hands-free calling, which makes my life five million times easier. And our sound system is amazing. But I digress... back to missionary work!

On Thursday I got to go on another exchange on the east island with the CUTEST, COOLEST sister ever! We had such a grand time. She looks a lot like my main squeeze Vanessa, and every time other missionaries see pictures of Vanessa (yes, I'm a creeper... the CMM knows who all of my loved ones are) they always ask why I have a picture of Sister Ferguson. So based on that you already know that she's AWESOME! It's so fun spending time with other sisters. We got hit on in the metros by one of my ex-boyfriend look-a-likes. But what else is new? I love being in the metros for that very reason. Nevertheless, I was happy to be safe in my 2014 Trax when the day was done.

This Sunday we had an amazing experience. The other night I had a dream about a sister in the ward that I adore. We hadn't seen her for about a month, and my psyche was telling me to be worried about her, but we could never get a hold of her. We were out with a member on Sunday and our appointment fell through, so I suggested we go visit this sister instead. She let us in, thinking it was her landlord. She expressed that she had been having a really hard time and won't be coming back to church, and my heart just felt so heavy. I can't even explain it. I knew we needed to be there though, so I listened and let the spirit tell me what to do. I opened my scriptures randomly and turned to 3 Nephi 18:24. It is a beautiful scripture about light. She still seemed discouraged about her current circumstances, and the scripture almost seemed to make her more overwhelmed. I didn't know what to say, but I knew I was there for a reason. As I opened my mouth to speak, I felt an overwhelming confirmation of how much God and the Savior love us, that His light is eternal, and though the people we love may not recognize His light or our light now during this life, they will one day all have the opportunity to feel God's love and see that light. I have never cried so much on my mission, but I just let myself be an instrument in God's hands during that lesson, and I expressed more love than my heart has ever been able to bear. The sister and I were both crying for several moments, and the spirit in that home was so overwhelming. I love being a missionary more than I can even describe, and it's because of moments like the one yesterday that I find so much joy being here. It really is a joy and a blessing to be a missionary, and though I miss everyone dearly, I know that I am at the right place at the right time.

Anyway. I hope you are all having an AMAZING week! Please remember how much I love, cherish, and miss each and every one of you. I really do! I am MAKING TIME to write letters this P-Day! BIG FAT SHOUT-OUT to CHRISTINE and ELLIE for sending me the LOVE this week!!!! I felt so overwhelmed. My goodness. You two are the BEST!!!!! Be writing SOON! Christine--thank you for thinking of my nude leotard deprivation and for sending nude leggings instead. The best thing of my LIFE!!! Alright. Well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my Mom! I hope it was a special birthday week. And now... I'm off! Love you all bunches and bunches! Missing yous guys! 



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