Tuesday, March 18, 2014

C'est la vie tho

FAM! How are you all doing? What's the hott gossip? What are the cool jams? Oh how I miss you ALL! I hope everyone is having a fantastic March, flying kites in my honor! Before I forget... HAPPY St. Patrick's Day! Please pray that the drunk revelers will stay faaaaar away from me today. Compy and I went and got some SHAMROCK SHAKES from McDo's to celebrate! It has been a great day. :)
First things first.... I do believe someone has a B-DAY coming up... SHOUT-OUT to Taralyn Clark and her 21st YEAR! Whoooooo! I love you more than words can describe, and I hope your birthday is full of pure joy and pure mischief! Thank you for being the world's most fabulous friend these many years. Were I not a missionary, we would DEFINITELY be going to The Chocolate and Spark and Denny's and McDonald's to eat our feelings this Wednesday! Rain check for next year when we're 22, OLD, single and REALLY have a reason to go eat our feelings. ;) I LOVE YOU! :) You are my favorite, best, and NUMBER ONE BOO! Love you eternally! Live life to the fullest, my love. 
Alright, so this week was just a non-stop miracle shop. Not a day goes by in LaSalle that I don't see a miracle or two or even three! Being a missionary is just about the greatest thing that will ever happen to me. I'm convinced. On Tuesday our day got off to a rocky start. All of our plans kept falling through, which was frustrating beyond belief but soon turned the day into one of the greatest on my mission. We were able to pay an unexpected, lovely visit to a less active sister in the ward who is from Jersey (of the Jersey cow make), and her adorable, feisty best friend, a 93-year-old woman from Scotland named Lily. (Obviously it took her no time at all to become my favorite person in the world.) Even though the day wasn't going as planned, that little visit gave me so much joy that I felt I would truly be able to conquer the world for the rest of the day. AND WE DID! Since literally every appointment fell through that afternoon, we made ourselves useful by running around LaChine tracking down unknowns that the Bishop asked us to see. We arrived at one name that didn't have an appartment number, so we decided we would just knock his whole dang apartment buidling! If Marvin Martin's neighbors didn't know him before, they do now! Hee hee. Our mission president doesn't want us to knock doors too much anymore, but my goodness did we have fun stalking less actives and preaching the gospel from door to door like the good old days! And yes, we had a MIRACLE! We found this amazing woman who let us in immediately the minute I said we were here to prêche l'evangile. Later that day we had to cross one of the world's sketchiest bridges to go to the Indian Reservation, and there we were able to visit the world's most adorable Kiwi. She's 87 and loads of fun, and quite possibly more feisty than my dear Lucie up in Quebec City. She fed us dinner and even tried to convince a super attractive door-to-door salesman to take the missionary discussions when he showed up at her house. Haha! He was cute. I wish he would have joined the church so that I could have married him. Oh well... next life I guess. Later that evening we went on a member exchange, and I got to go visit my favorite less active in the world with the Stake President's wife. It was a touching visit, tears and hugs and talk of the atonement. I can truly say that this was one of the best days of my entire mission. And to top it off, the St. Laurent river was glistening and glowing under a beautiful blue, sunny sky all day. It just doesn't get better than that!
The rest of the week was full of snow and viciously cold winds, but I feel that springtime will be here soon enough. Crossing my fingers! On Friday we went teaching with our Stake President, and he gave a beautiful blessing to one of our members that is returning to activity. This woman is seriously the funniest person on the planet. I imagine that I will probably be like her one day when I'm sixty and less active. Minus the less active part. This week she recounted the story of when she was a barista and flirted a man into buying cheesecake whilst wearing her most scandalous tank top. Haha. I just lover her. The week before that she told this story about how she was running through Chinatown in a rage when a kind, soft-spoken Chinese man took her in as her anger management coach for three years. But then one day he was killed in a drive-by shooting on his way out of an herbal shop. Hmm... alas, these things happen, you know? Ha ha I just love the people here to death and am having the time of my life!
Well, that's all for now! Tomorrow we're going to the TEMPLE! Whooo hooo! I cannot WAIT! Oh, and before I forget to mention... Elder Niel L. Andersen is coming to the mission this week! With three other general authorities! We're going to have a special mission conference. I've known about this for a few months but I keep forgetting to mention. I'll let you know how it is! It should be fantastic! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well! I love you to the heavens. Ahhh. But seriously. I miss you all terribly. I'm not going to let everyone know how trunky I am but... for now, try not to have too much fun without me! I will be home before you know it, and then the party can resume! Until then, be good! Have a fabulous week! Love you all forever.
Soeur Cutler

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