Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Claudia Is Back

Hello, dear ones! How is my fabulous group of loved ones back home
doing? Can I just say that I really just need to SEE you all already?
My goodness. Time is hastening. I'm hastening my butt into gear as
well because six weeks to sexy is going to be over before I even have
time to mentally prepare for it! Today we went on a beautiful morning
run along the St. Lawrence (St-Laurent) river. It was breathtaking!
It's definitely motivation to get me out to run more often, but...
something about yoga and not leaving my house at 6:30 in the morning
is just SO tempting. It's game time though. The Relief Society has
somehow gotten a hold of my arms and I'm a jiggly mess. No more
excuses. Nike... JUST DO IT!

Okay, so this week was just as stressful as all get out. Not to
complain, but yeah. I was really stressed. On Tuesday we did EXCHANGES
with the dear sisters of Montreal South. I LOVE going on exchanges
with Sister Jordan because we have scarily similar tastes, so the
majority of the split is spent jabbering away till the cows come home.
And that is EXACTLY what we did. We stayed up WAAAAAY too late talking
about our fears of dating and men and being married for eternity. She
has this plan that she's going to apostatize and start a Mormon
nunnery, and I am SO in. It's just terrifying to think that one day
very soon I'm going to have to make eye contact with boys my age and
give them friendly hugs instead of handshakes. Hm. So we cried over
that for several hours until finally drifting off to sleep. The next
day we worked in the mission office together and I shredded paper for
literally four hours straight. Put that on my job resume! I'm a pro

Then on Wednesday we had a combined birthday party after district
meeting for Sister Orozco, Elder Lanning, and Elder Hastings. Everyone
had birthdays back to back, which meant that we all had to eat Tim
Horton's muffins, Krispy Kreme donuts, and chocolate chip cookies in
one sitting. "YUMMY!" said my stomach an hour later... NOT. It was fun
to be with the best district in the world one last time. We took a boy
band picture together that I WILL be sending home. We're all too
good-looking for words. It's just something you'll all have to gaze
at. Afterward we went and helped our ward mission leader with his
garden, which is literally my new favorite hobby. I love gardening!
Mom! I'm going to weed the garden for you and plant for you EVERY DAY!
I promise! Maybe I shouldn't announce this publicly in case I change
my mind later...Intheeevening we went and had dinner with the Bishop
and his family, my favorite Londoner family EVER. Their daughter
Sister May is coming home this transfer, and I have no doubt in my
mind that she is going to become our third companion for the rest of
the summer. I certainly hope so! Anyway, the Bishop is basically a
British-Jamaican version of Dad. It's uncanny. Haha. Every time I see
him I just miss my pops.

On Thursday it was back to exchanges, this time in my old area of
Montreal West! Heavennnn! I absolutely ADORE going back there. I knew
my way around perfectly, which made me excited for the day that I get
to take family or friends or whoever wants to come back  with me on a
grand tour of Montreal. And you'll never BELIEVE who I got to see...
eh hem... does anyone remember the adventures of Claudia and Haseem?
Well, in case you don't remember, Claudia is this insane less active
that I absolutely love to death that tells the most... interesting
stories. Last year when I was in Montreal she had this imagined love
affair going on with her helper, a man more than half her age named
Haseem. Watching all of it unfold was literally the creepiest/most
delightful experience of my life. I can't wait till I'm a novelist and
I can write my own version of their story. Anyway, this woman loves
me. And on Thursday I got to go back and see her!!! Oh, how I
REJOICED! Nothing has changed. NOTHING has changed. Except for the
fact that Haseem busted out of there and she is now able to walk
around, whereas before she was supposedly on her death bed. We walked
arm and arm for a mile to the grocery store, and she recounted the
same stories that I had so dearly longed to hear this past year. Ha
ha. The best moment of my life, even if my arms were tired and sweaty
from being chained to her for an hour. It was nice to know that she
missed me and talked about me often while I was gone. I guess I made
an impact in someone's life since I've been out here? That was
encouraging! THEN the day just got even better. After Claudia Sister
Canady and I jetted over to see the DeSerres family (literally my
FAVORITE family ever) and spend some time with them. I honestly feel
like I never even left Montreal! Except for the fact that their
daughter talksnow, whereas before she would just lie on her adorable
belly and look like a cute little angel. Ah! Time flies! I don't like
it! But it was a joy to be with them. I also called my old
investigator Vince just for fun. Ha ha. He was nice, but he says he
wants to go to the Catholic church because they aren't as strict as us
Mormons. Lol. He invited me out for coffee and then he said, "But oh
wait, you don't drink coffee." And laughed his head off! Grrrr... haha
it was funny, I wasn't offended. I don't get offended as easily as I
used to. You're all about to see a new me! Anyway, it was a super fun
day. I'm glad I had the chance to go back and see some of the people I

By the time Friday rolled around Sister Orozco and I had a million
stressful things happen, so we decided to consult OUR sister training
leader, a little someone named Tim Horton. Ha ha. We binged on muffins
and then took a peaceful walk by the river, because honestly, we were
just exhausted and emotionally drained. Whilst destressing though we
actually met a SUPER cool potential named Ed. He was like a Canadian
version of Dan Sanberg. He was on his way to his writing spot where he
is currently in the process of writing a screenplay. He's seriously
awesome. I'm sure now he's going to include a part about two beautiful
sister missionaries crossing his path. After our chat with Ed we took
some fun pics and just relaxed from a ridiculously stressful week.
That evening we were BLESSED to have the opportunity to meet with our
new friend Marina! We stayed there for... well... awhile... and she
told us her life story about living in Israel. She is honestly the
coolest person I have ever met on my mission, if not my LIFE. She is
super interested in our message and is now reading the Book of Mormon.
We'll let you know how that goes. I just love having these
opportunities to meet fascinating people 24/7.

THEN on Saturday we went out with the infamous Cedric of Montreal to a
birthday lunch for Sister Orozco and another sister in the ward.
Cedric refers to me as Sister Feminist and is always trying to bate
me. I honestly can't explain this man to you all, but if you served in
the Canada Montreal Mission and don't know who Cedric is, well, then
you're a nobody. ;) Ha ha. So.... there was that. Then we had our
transfer calls.... and.... DRUM ROLL.... I'm DYING in LaSalle! With
Sister Orozco! I could not be happier. I've been herefor SIX months. I
still can't believe it. My time in Quebec seemed sooooo much longer,
but both will end up being the same. This ward is like my family now,
so I will be devastated when I have to leave. But the good news is
that I'm being transferred into the PV 4th ward of Provo, which is BY
FAR the best ward in the Provo, UT mission. So I can't complain!
Truly, I can't. I'm excited to see everyone for the two weeks that
I'll be there until they kick me out and send me to YSA. As IF. I
don't have time to be a young single adult.

Alright, so that was basically the week that was. Sorry to flood you
all with tons of meaningless information. I rarely have time to write
in my journal at night so I just document everything here. Deal with
it! I hope you're all doing remarkably well. I know you are all
enjoying your summer and the privilege you have to go swimming when it
gets hot, so take a dive in the pool in my hono(u)r! I love you all to
the moon and the stars and the heavens! See you shortly. :)


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