Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

Mommy Time--May 12

Hello, hello! Wow... what a great day yesterday! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of the fabulous women that I love and adore, but especially to my #1 (MOMMY!) Dearest Mom, you are the greatest. Thank you for the love, light, and encouragement you give me daily. A girl could not have asked for a foxier mama than you! Truly, my mom is the best mom in the universe. Don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise! I love you!

So yesterday was a dream! It was crazy to see that my family is actually real and existing and living and breathing in some part of the world. WOW! It really won't be long at all till I'm back in your arms. What a glorious, weepy day that will be! I can't wait! But until then, I feel so sustained by our little chat on the phone. I'm glad that missionaries don't have to go complete gypsy like in the times of old and sever their family relationships completely to serve haha. It's nice to be permitted a phone call every once in awhile. ;)

Well, the saddest thing ever happened moments ago. I was just sitting here starting my emails when suddenly I received a call from the mission office. It was the call of all calls... they asked me which airport I would like to fly to when I go home. Gaaaaaaaah. WORST DAY EVER! It's REAL. They want me to LEAVE! Luckily though I'm about to have the best three months ever because....

WE GOT OUR TRANSFER CALLS! And get this... I'm a prophetess. So a few days before I was like... Yeah, Soeur Orozco is going to be my companion again. And then my companion was like, "I think Soeur Orozco is about to come replace me here in LaSalle." And I was like, "I didn't want to say anything, but yeah, it's happening." And oh guess what. IT HAPPENED!!!! Sister Orozco is going to kill me! I could not be HAPPIER! I love LaSalle and there are a million amazing things going on here right now. What better way to end things than with one of the best mamacitas in the CMM?! It's going to be a PARTAY!!! I may in fact see you all earlier than August ;) hee hee. No, we'll be good. I spent my summer with her a year ago, and I'm spending it with her again! What more could a girl possibly want? I am so terribly blessed.

This week was incredible. Good things are happening here! This Thursday I'm going to the TEMPLE to watch our less active who has been coming back to church receive her endowments! Such a beautiful, proud moment. She is amazing. Missionary work is the most rewarding, delightful thing on this planet. Everyone needs to be a missionary! You're missing out if you're not. ;)

In other news... SPRING IS HERE TO STAY! Saturday was the first legitimate day of spring. It has been a glorious weekend! We try to have all of our lessons outside if we can convince people haha. This week our bestie Jordan Morales practiced a Jenn Blosil EFY song on his guitar for us and then he and I sang it together alongside the St. Laurent river. Someone needs to get us a record deal! We are so flipping phenomenal. I'm going to TRY to send a video by Myldsmail might not be up to speed. You'll just have to wait till I get home to watch it. But my goodness was it ever a treat. The members here are just so COOL. I can't even explain. I wish I could make this my permanent home ward. But don't worry PV 4th, I still love you too. With ALL of my heart! Can't my heart just be big enough to embrace all of the wards that I love?

On Saturday we went and helped our amazing new investigator do yard work and we got to meet all of her kids! Including her son that lives far, far away that she hadn't seen since Christmas, and he showed up and surprised her in the middle of our visit. ....Awkward? I hate crashing beautiful family moments. Missionaries kind of have a knack for that, and since we're horribly awkward we make the awkward situation even worse. Haha... but it was fun. She's so cool, and it was nice to get to know her and her kids better.

Well, that was really the week that was! Not too much else to share, other than the fact that I miss you little ones like CRAYYYYZAYYY!!!! Don't worry, it won't be long now. My mission is giving me the boot in like twelve more weeks. It just doesn't seem real. We're going to have a big epluchette de ble d'Inde (that's Quebecois for barbeque) when I get back! Whooo! But until then, I love you all sooo very, very much. And miss the heck outta all of yous! Smooches and loves! Bises!


Sylvie Bear

Guess Who's Back--May 19

Back again... Cut-Co's back.... tell a friend! The dream team is back! And it is oh. so. GLORIOUS! My baby Hermana Orozco is back in my arms and my goodness... what a week it has been! I am one grateful child of God. So much gratitude in my heart right now. There's nothing better than serving with your best friend! It's going to be a great two transfers until the bitter end. I can feel it! Good things are happening in LaSalle, as always. :)

Last Monday I finally went and tried some of that FABULOUS Montreal smoked meat that everyone talks about with the elders and Jordan Morales. It was super fun. It's at a restaurant called Schwartz's. I felt like I was in New York City, Jews yelling at each other, mustard all over my hands. Haha. It was nice. A good cultural experience, at the very least. We all sat and talked about night terrors and Sister Sherwood embarrassed me by letting everyone know that I woke up screaming nearly ever night this transfer haha.
This week was transfer week, which meant STRESS to the max for the first three days. We are currently driving a rental car and are in fact the only team on the island of Montreal with a car besides the APs. So since our click limit is non-existent during this rental phase, we found ourselves literally driving the ENTIRE island of Montreal as a luggage service for transfers. NOT how I wanted to spend my last morning with Sister Sherwood, but we made it work. It was just such a GLORIOUS moment when Sister Orozco walked into the doors of the mission office and into my life again. We had a weepy goodbye with Sister Sherwood at the bus station (gonna miss that foxy one) and then... TROUBLE began. The girls are back! It's so great. I've been loving every dang minute of it.

On Thursday we went to the temple with our dear less active member's endowments. WOW. What a beautiful experience that was! I am so proud of her. She has made so many incredible changes in her life in less than a year. It has been amazing to watch the atonement work in the lives of the people I love and serve here. We drove with the LaHaches, one of my favorite families in the ward. We got out of our session SUPER late, and I found myself driving through downtown with their family late into the night. It was such a glorious experience, looking around and seeing all of the beautiful lights, out past my curfew, not a care in the world. A moment that I will never forget. The mission makes me feel indescribable happiness literally every single day.

Spring is HERE! It has been a beautiful week. We try to be outside as much as we can. Today for our P-Day we went to the annual interfaith service/community clean up again! I can't it has been a year since I was there last. A year ago Sister Varela and I were the only ones that attended. This year TONS of missionaries were there! It was just a huge trash clean up party. I always love going and serving in the community of Montreal. There are so many wonderful people from other faiths and backgrounds. The diversity is truly thrilling to me. I love getting to know people from all walks of life, serving together and taking care of the beautiful earth we have been entrusted with. It was just a MAGNIFICENTLY lovely day. I really can't put words to how I feel about Montreal in the spring. It has been a positive, happy week.

I think the real reason I'm so happy is because I was FINALLY able to get my eyebrows threaded... alright, so the truth comes out. I just feel like a new woman right now. Gah. Gotta love those Indian ladies. They do a great job. No more frumpster sister until August! I'll be a hairy, fat mess when I come back haha.

So that was the week that was! I'm truly happy right now, even if I'm hiding the fact that I'm jealous about my family being in Paris and London without me. No comment on the Paris trip... I'm sure you all made great memories together! I'm happy for you all. Truly. ...... Anyway. I love you all and miss you to DEATH! But it really won't be long, my friends. Not. Long. At. ALL! Time is hastening by. I'm making the most of EVERY moment, I assure you. Have a beautiful week, everyone! 



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